How to Convert/Upgrade Your HTC Sensation to HTC Sensation XE Using Android Revolution HD ROM ?

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image12 | How to Convert/Upgrade Your HTC Sensation to HTC Sensation XE Using Android Revolution HD ROM ?

Few days back, we reported about the imminent release of the HTC Sensation XE in UK and also shed light on some of the specs of this powerful beast. Just to reiterate HTC Sensation XE will be an ungraded edition of the already very popular and powerful HTC Sensation supporting a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU as well as an extended battery. Another novelty lies in the inclusion of Dr. Dre branded high quality headphones that will for sure appeal to music enthusiasts. You may already know that original HTC Sensation supports 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor. 768MB of RAM, Android 2.3 Gingerbread preinstalled and of course excellent 8MP camera on board. HTC seems to be forced to upgrade the device to combat the ever popular Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) release.

Now the good news is that if you are on the HTC Sensation and may bought it recently but felt a bit upset already by the upcoming release of the HTC Sensation then you can upgrade your phone to the HTC Sensation XE for free using an excellent free custom ROM available free of charge available from the XDA forums. This custom ROM called Android Revolution HD ROM is based on the Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) and Beats Audio technology. Other nice exciting features include improved Andreno200 configuration, it has enabled GPU UI rendering, SD Card speed tweak, battery auto-calibration, a data partition special speed tweak, and the 3D Engine was overclocked from 266.6 MHz to 320 MHz


Here is the features list of the Android Revolution HD ROM as provided by the developer available for the installation on your HTC Sensation:

  • Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) – latest official HTC RUU 1.73.401.2
  • This ROM will turn your HTC Sensation into powerful HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio technology and 1.5 GHz dual core!
  • This is improved version of stock ROM – no visual changes!
  • New kernel: (under-volted & tweaked). Details below:
  • CPU up to 1.56 GHz (1.51 GHz by default – original speed for MSN8660 chipset) – controlled automatically by built it O/C Daemon. How to use O/C Daemon?
  • If you want to control CPU manually, you would need SetCPU from here: SetCPU
  • In SetCPU remember to check "Set on Boot", but using O/C Daemon gives much better performance and battery then SetCPU
  • Many CPU governors (SmartAss, Ondemand, Performance, Conservative, UserSpace)
  • GPU+ patch (Improved 2D & 3D Graphics performance
  • 3D Engine overclocked from 266.6 MHz to 320 MHz
  • L2 Cache Bandwidth Boost from 310MHz to 360MHz
  • Synchronous L2 Cache
  • V(R) I/O as default scheduler
  • SLQB Memory Management
  • CIFS, TUN & UTF8 support
  • LZMA compression
  • Wi-Fi module improved drivers
  • Code cleaned up with custom voltages, tweaks & many more!
  • You can find custom kernels here
  • ROOT (SU + SuperUser Permissions – Thanks to ChainsDD)
  • Full HTC Sense 3.0 Interface
  • Fully optimized and tweaked
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • Newest BusyBox
  • RAM optimizations
  • Improved Andreno200 configuration for better quality and performance!
  • Speed optimizations
  • Enabled GPU UI rendering
  • SD Card speed tweak
  • Battery auto-calibration
  • Data partition special speed tweak
  • Very fast, clean & stable!
  • Battery auto-calibration script (Thanks to seo)
  • Bloatware applications removed (Amazon MP3, SoundHound trial, etc.)
  • HTC Sensation 4G (US T-Mobile) support like Wi-Fi calling and Visual Voice Mail
  • All system applications updated to latest available
  • Improved camera performance
  • Multilanguage (WWE)
  • Advanced Power Menu and CRT Animation as extra add-ons
  • Arabic and Hebrew languages full support!
  • Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)
  • Zipalign on boot (for user applications on data partition)
  • Fully de-odexed
  • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
  • NANO text editor & sysro/sysrw commands support
  • Excellent battery life!
  • Improved EXT4 performance by changing mounting method
  • SD card EXT4 partition support
  • ROM is ad-free. It means that you don’t need any extra software to get rid of advertisements
  • You can replace HTC boot animation with any custom boot animation.

    Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

    As you can see this is one hell of feature list to get the features of the HTC Sensation XE and even beyond on your mobile device. Today, we will provide you the guide to the installation of this ROM on your HTC Sensation. So, lets get started!


    Note: Super Wipe script will erase and format your data, system and cache partition but the SDcard will remain untouched.


    Step 1) First download the ROM and place it on your SDcard.

    Step 2) Now download the Super wipe script above and place it on your SDcard.

    Step 3) Boot your HTC Sensation device into recovery using vol down + power.

    Step 4) Now from the main recovery menu select "install zip from sdcard".

    Step 5) First select "choose zip from sdcard" and then navigate to the "Super Wipe" script.

    Step 6) Now again select "choose zip from sdcard" and go to the location of Android Revolution HD ROM.

    Step 7) After the flashing process is complete then reboot the HTC Sensation.

    Step 8) Enjoy!

    For further details/discussions and FAQ head to the original thread at the XDA forums for the Android Revolution HD ROM. You might also be interested in our guide on how to Permanently Root HTC Sensation 4G.


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