Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII): Jaw Dropping Specs Including a 2.0 GHz Quad-core CPU, Ice Cream Sandwich and Release Date Revealed [Rumors]

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Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) might be at least six to seven months away or maybe even more from the actual release but considering the insane popularity of this brand of Android mobile smartphones by Samsung helps to build quite a lot of hype and speculations, rumors and so on for the upcoming release of the Galaxy S series and in this case Samsung Galaxy S III (S3). In the meanwhile we are trying to keep you updated on the latest on this front. In one of the articles we briefed you about some of the possible specs that the device might support best known at that time including possible inclusion of all new Tegra 3 (Kal-E1) based quad-core SoC, as well as larger screen and Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) on-board. We also brought you some pre-rendered images that show how the device might look like.

samsung galaxy s III concept | Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII): Jaw Dropping Specs Including a 2.0 GHz Quad core CPU, Ice Cream Sandwich and Release Date Revealed [Rumors]

Now we have found some really juicy information on the Android and Me about the likely specs of the device. This news/rumors come directly from an anonymous 4Chan user who claims that this information is correct for the most part. Since than the actual page where it was published is down but the post is replicated here in the end of this article anyway for your interest. Let me tell you one thing that if the information posted by this anonymous user is indeed true and/or something close then Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is going to be a beast to beat in the 2012 as Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) is right now in 2011.

According to the leaked information Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona and this makes sense considering the previous release of the Samsung Galaxy S brand. This will be their flagship device in 2012 just like we have Galaxy S2 as a flagship device from Samsung in 2011. According to the information posted Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) will support a quad-core processor clocked at 2.0 GHz and 1.5 GB of RAM. Device will have 32GB of internal on-board memory and still SDcard slot will be supported. Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) will come with a gigantic 4.65-inch screen size supporting a new display technology based on Super AMOLED III. The bit I found most interesting is that it will have 1280×1024 screen resolution that will mean a device with a 352 ppi density. In other words a mobile device with highest pixel density so far in the market. Report goes on to say that the screen technology is still in the final stages of the design and not yet ready for the testing phase.

As for the design of the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) it is supposed to be only 9mm thick and will have a glass and metal based very attractive design. Well, glass and metal body will be a departure from the current exterior design of the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) if this turns out to be true. Report goes on to say that device will have 10 megapixel camera on board that will be capable of shooting videos at 60fps in 1080p mode! Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) will have a rather powerful 2250mAh battery. Furthermore, this monster will come packed with a full functioning NFC chip on-board.

On the software side Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) will come loaded with the latest Google Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich ICS). This is inline with what we reported earlier. Furthermore, device will still have TouchWiz layer on top of the vanilla Android GUI. More specifically TouchWiz 5. However, this time TouchWiz will not be that intrusive as before and will play a much minor role in terms of the GUI functioning of the device running on the Ice Cream Sandwich. Finally, as for the prices – they are not revealed yet but expect the device to be very expensive considering these monstrous specs.

Based on our current understanding of the possible hardware features and specs of the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) I believe most of the rumors in this report seems to quite viable. And if most of this indeed turns out to be true than better start saving some money right now for this beast in 2012. Also judging from these rumors Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) seems to be more aimed at iPhone 6 than the soon to be released iPhone 5. As we reported in our recent analysis report Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) specs are likely to be significantly ahead of what iPhone 5 will be able to support.

For the readers interested in the original report from the anonymous user posted on 4Chan it’s is duplicated here. So, have a look and give us your thoughts on these rumors.

I personally found their talk of the Galaxy S III much more interesting. They didn’t have a working model of the phone, but they had pictures and slides with specs/info:

- Samsung is planning to reveal the Samsung Galaxy S III at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung will try to get a simultaneous worldwide release for the Galaxy S III mid 2012.

- The Samsung representatives were happy with the success of the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II, their great relationship with Google and Android, and were talking about how they’re constantly trying to push the boundaries of mobile hardware technology. They revealed that the Galaxy S III will be their next flagship phone in 2012.

- The specifications for the SGSIII are of course subject to change, but are Samsung-developed 2.0GHz quad-core CPU (no codename given), 1.5gb RAM, 32gb internal memory (with SD card slot), and a 4.65 inch screen. A new display called Super AMOLED III is being developed specifically for the phone (SGS had Super AMOLED, SGS II had Super AMOLED Plus, SGS III has Super AMOLED III) with 1280×1024 resolution, giving the phone a ppi of 352, which they emphasized that a 352ppi will make it the highest ppi mobile phone.

- The reason for no demo phone was that the screen technology was still in the final stages of design and production of them have not started.

- The device is 9mm thick, has a metal and glass body (a really clean, shiny look to it in the pictures), has a 2250mAh battery, 10 megapixel camera and is capable of shooting 1080p video at 60 frames per second.
- The phone will come with an inbuilt NFC chip.

- The phone will have Androids latest Ice Cream Sandwich software and an all new TouchWiz 5 which has been in co-development with Google during the development of the Galaxy Nexus, so according to the Samsung representatives, it isn’t as “intrusive to Android” as previous TouchWiz versions were. It seems TouchWiz will play a minor role and only have little improvements to ICS. It won’t control the user experience.

- One of the reasons why they’re not going with a full TouchWiz experience is for a few reasons, one being that the ICS experience is very user friendly already and also it will also Samsung to update software on their phones at a faster rate than they have in the past.

- Price wasn’t revealed, but for all the specs of the phone, I’m guessing it’ll be very expensive.


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