Use Voice Activated Photo Shooting on Your iPhone Using ShutterVox

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Ever think you’ve seen the last of the camera apps for the iPhone? Well, I suggest you think again. This new kid on the block has quite the ear for photography!

Anyone who’s used an iPhone knows that there are round about gazillion apps to enhance the functionality of its camera. Having covered virtually all possible features, it’s hard to believe that there is yet one more app out there that claims to do something different. But this is no faux claim; there actually is!

ShutterVox, the latest addition to Apple’s arsenal of camera apps, lets you snap pictures with your iPhone or iPad without even having to hold it! How might that be, you ask? Well, I’m just going to say that they weren’t kidding when they said one day taking photographs would be just as easy as talking about it.

At first, ShutterVox might come off to you as a callow, superficial app. But I think its unique capability of taking pictures by voice command should be enough to change your mind. That’s right! All you need to do is tell your iPhone to click, and by ShutterVox, click it will.

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Launching the app opens the camera screen, which is essentially just the built-in camera with a slightly tweaked interface. As much as the red button at the bottom is tempting to press, it won’t do much. What you should press, are the headphones that appear watermarked on your screen. That will activate the app. You are now ready to click pictures using ShutterVox. Just say the word “cheese” out loud and your iPhone will snap the picture for you, almost like it understands you… Surreal.

However, the lack of microphone sensitivity adjustments in ShutterVox requires you to literally yell “cheese” for it to register, which means this app is more suitable for taking group shots; where a lot of people are saying “cheese”. The voice recognition system of ShutterVox, however, is pretty sharp in the sense that it can tell the difference between cheese and other words. If you’re not a big fan of cheese, you can also choose to say popsicle, doodle or snap. Considering your options, I’d say you stick with cheese.

Though the idea may seem a little gimmicky, ShutterVox is, in fact, a very handy app to have on your iPhone. Its unique feature of voice-activated photography effectively eliminates the human error that often results in blurry snapshots, giving you a crisp and focused picture without even having to handle the device.

While voice-activated photography may be it’s best feature, it’s also its only feature. That is if you’re not counting flash control. While ShutterVox may not offer a lot of features, when you need your photo clicked and there’s no one around to do it for you, this app might be just what you need.

Download ShutterVox

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