Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE With a 4.65-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED Screen Announced!

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image15 | Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE With a 4.65 inch 1280x720 Super AMOLED Screen Announced!It is not a long time ago when we witnessed the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II to the US market by Samsung after much delay as compared to the other markets in world. Already, Samsung Galaxy S II is selling like hot cakes around the world. No wonder that Samsung has announced that its flagship Android device has crossed the 10 million unit sale worldwide! This is indeed a great achievements. Its was to be expected considering the very powerful well rounded specs of the device which were indeed a bit ahead of the time when it was released a few months back in Europe. Now another big news comes from Samsung in the form of Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE (or SGS2 HD LTE!) – a new variant of the Galaxy SII going to be released exclusively in Korea.

Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE judging from its specs indeed looks a very impressive device. Most of the features are similar to the exciting Samsung Galaxy S II however there are few but big differences as well. Most prominent one as you can judge from the name is HD based 1280×720 Super AMOLED Screen. This high resolution puts this device to an impressive 316 ppi pixel density. This is second device that will be supporting HD resolution announced by Samsung this year (first is the Galaxy Note). Of course gigantic size sitting at impressive 4.65-inch is an other impressive feat. Samsung Galaxy S is really heading in the direction bigger the better! Lastly but NOT least Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE is supposed to feature LTE/4G technology to work on the compliant networks. As of now the device is exclusive to the Korea, but who knows may be soon Samsung decided to push it (or something similar) to the other markets as well.

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