Kindle Fire vs iPad 2: A Comparison and Review of Features

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Kindle Fire home | Kindle Fire vs iPad 2: A Comparison and Review of Features

You might remember that the last month we told you about the strong hints that are pointing towards the release of an Amazon powered low cost tablet in the near future. Well these rumors turned out to be true for sure as now we know that Amazon has announced the Kindle Fire – an amazing dual-core tablet at a rather unbelievable price point of $200. According to some online reports there is a very strong demand for the Kindle Fire ahead of the actual availability. And this makes sense considering the specs of the tablet and the price point its being released at. No wonder that such a low price point for the Kindle Fire is already putting great pressure on the other tablet manufacturers. Earlier in the day we already told you that Best Buy is now selling the HTC Flyer an other 7-inch tablet at a significantly cut down price of $300. Its likely that if the Amazon Kindle Fire gains the same popularity as is expected from it then the other manufacturers might have to reduce their tablet retail prices as well. In the end, it will benefit consumers as it gives them more choices by bringing competition to the tablet market and helping lowering the entry prices point.

iPad 2 | Kindle Fire vs iPad 2: A Comparison and Review of Features

In this article, we decided to shed some light on the specs and features of the newly released Kindle Fire and how it compares in different features to the current market benchmark Apple iPad2. It should be noted that point here is not just to compare in terms of raw features where as you can expect iPad 2 will win. But the also to look at the value for the money. So lets get started!


Well if we start from the portability point of view its true that Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet with a much more portable form factor as compared to the 9.7-inch iPad2. Also as expected Kindle Fire is lighter weighing only 414g as compared to the 600g iPad2 which is noticeably heavier. Although in terms of thickness iPad 2 wins with a slight margin as its only 8.8mm thick as compared to the Kindle Fire which has a thickness of 11.4mm.

Raw Processing Power

In terms of the raw horsepower, Kindle Fire has 1GHz T1 OMAP 4 dual-core based processor which provides a plenty of power for running the OS and different apps smoothly. On the other hand iPad 2 comes with a dual-core Apple A5 processor which is also based on 1Ghz clock frequency. However, it should be noticed that iPad has a significantly more powerful GPU/CPU combination although the clock frequency might be the same. This is the same A5 chip that is expected to be powering the new iPhone 5. In terms of memory both Kindle Fire and iPad 2 support 512MB of on-board memory.


As for the storage Kindle Fire is limited to 8GB of memory while the iPad is available in 16/32 and 64GB versions of internal memory. So iPad 2 wins here easily.


In terms of the cameras Kindle is missing both front and rear facing camera! While the iPad 2 has both a VGA front facing camera and 720p capable rear facing camera. So if you are going to use the tablet for photography, capturing videos or doing any kind of video conferencing then iPad 2 is the device for you and stay away from Amazon Kindle Fire in that case.


In terms connectivity  iPad 2 supports full array of features such cellular network connectivity, GPS and Bluetooth, while all of these features are missing from the Kindle Fire (except Wi-Fi connectivity which is supported on both devices).

Battery Life

Now coming to important point of battery life which can be a critical factor when deciding on a new tablet or any other mobile device, comparison is quite close. Kindle Fire has a stated battery life of 8 hours while iPad 2 is supposed to last for up to 10 hours. So this is a pretty close run!

Mobile OS

In terms of the operating system Kindle Fire is running on modified/customized Android OS which is restrictive in nature and is not supporting the full Google Android Market support to install the vast majority of Android apps. However, this aspect can change significantly once the tablet is released and developers get access to the hardware to release the rooting procedure and custom ROMs for this! Its just matter of time I can tell you. While iPad 2 comes loaded with the ever popular iOS mobile OS well known originally from the iPhone. There is already a massive collection of apps and games available in the Apple App store for the iOS platform.


Now finally coming to the price factor which can be a deciding factor for many users particularly the ones that are short on money. Kindle Fire is available for just $199 while iPad 2 will set you back from $499 to $800. This is quite a big difference in price point! Isn’t it?

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