Google Chrome For Android Coming on October 11 ?

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google chrome logo | Google Chrome For Android Coming on October 11 ?Android OS for the smartphones and now for the tablets as well in the form of Honeycomb is one of the most successful mobile OS ever. According to the recent statistics from the various sources mobile phones fitted with Android based operating system are growing at  a rapid pace and there are no signs of slowing down according to the recent figures. As long as devices like Samsung Galaxy S2 continue to come out Android popularity will continue to increase. More recently there is a lot of anticipation for the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) that will unify the smartphone and tablet version of the Android (Gingerbread and Honeycomb). On the other hand, an other extremely popular Google product which has been on radar for quite some time now is the Chrome browser. Google Chrome is also enjoying great success at the same level as Android but of course in a different market segment. When Google Chrome came Internet Explorer was the dominant browser while the Firefox was gaining popularity. No one could expect at that time that a newbie like Google Chrome will come out so popular in such as short time and even pose a threat to the most beloved Firefox at a later time! Well, this is exactly that what happened as now according to some recent figures Google Chrome continues to gain the market share and if Chrome can hold its footing for a month or two it will be at the same level as the Firefox in terms of web browser market share!

Don’t you think it would be great idea to marry these two products together or at least provide a version of the Google Chrome on the Android? This will allow Google to enhance the market penetration of the Chrome even further considering that these days so many users are using the web extensively on the go on their smartphones or tablets. Well, this is exactly what is going to happen as recent post on the Chromium Code website suggest and a release of the popular Google Chrome browser for the Android is right around the corner. Even better according to the revision log posted there it seems that most of the features from the desktop counterpart will be ported to the Android version of the browser. This also includes the Skia 2D graphics library that Google has been working on.

As you might know that Google is planning to surprise us with some great announcements on the October 11. In the light of the current there are speculations that Google might announce the Chrome web browser for the Android on this occasion as well. We will have to wait and see that if it happens or not. But one thing is for sure that Google Chrome is coming for the Android in not a very distant future.

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    Well it did not come yet :(

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