Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs iPhone 4S Features & Specs – Who is The Best?

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image5 | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs iPhone 4S Features & Specs – Who is The Best?

Well it was the day October 4th which everyone was waiting why? because Apple told us to do so because they are going to announce something BIG in the context of the iPhone. And by this time we already know that what they had in store – a brand new iPhone 4S! Originally it was expected that Apple will release iPhone 4S/5 on their previous media event but they didn’t instead they announced the iOS 5 which was really impressive when compared to the current iOS 4.x in terms if features. Although, it has to be said many of the features are borrowed from Android world. Anyway considering that there was no iPhone 4S/5 release on the last event, people had high hops that Apple will for sure release something nextgen most probably iPhone 5. Some even expected that iPhone 4S will be released together with the iPhone 4S. And it made sense iPhone 5 a nextgen device going together with a nextgen OS called iOS 5 under the hood right? WRONG Apple had something different in mind and all that we witnessed from Apple event today was the announcement of rather incrementally improved iPhone 4S! I am sorry to say this if it hurts.

New A5 Processor & 8MP 1080p Camera

I am sure that I am not the only one disappointed with the Apple media event that finished just an hour before. I mean from whichever side you look at this this appears a rather disappointing release! In simple words what is different in iPhone 4S is a new faster dual-core processor based on the A5 chip (same as in the iPad 2) but with the under clocked frequencies and a new 8MP camera which has better optics, supports face recognition,image stabilization and can also take snapshots much quicker than its predecessor. And that’s All! Hence the name iPhone 4S NOT iPhone 5 and rightfully so as this is NOT a nextgen device you have been waiting for. As for the exterior design it essentially remains that same like iPhone 4. And for us poor people that were expecting something to compete with the currently dominant Samsung Galaxy S2 are left in the cold by Apple. I am actually shocked to see that Apple expects to compete with Samsung Galaxy S2 with this iPhone 4S! Honestly I never expected that Apple will deliver an iPhone with the better specs than the Samsung Galaxy S2(SII). But I DO expected something close. Unfortunately it was NOT the case. Biggest bummer is the same old and boring iPhone 4 design with a tiny 3.5-inch IPS screen as compared to glorious 4.3-inch screen on Samsung Galaxy S2(SII). It’s a deal breaker for me and I am sure it will be for many people. I don’t understand how Apple can expect to release a smartphone at the end of 2011 with such a tiny screen when all other cutting-edge smartphones are migrating to the larger displays.

image6 | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs iPhone 4S Features & Specs – Who is The Best?

Integrated 8MP camera on the iPhone 4S might be the only reason that users will be compelled to this device. Although Apple claims some improvements in the optics, image processing, lens and better low sensitivity along with 1080p shooting capabilities, but I don’t expect it to be significantly better than what Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) can offer already with its own excellent 8MP shooter.

A5 CPU & GPU Processing Power

As for the hardware specs Apple claims that with the new A5 chip iPhone 4s will deliver double the processing power of the iPhone 4 and up to 7 times the GPU power. However this improvement are as compared to the iPhone 4 (and also based on the synthetic benchmarks) and I am sure that in terms of raw processing power it will be at most equal to the what Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) is already offering at this point if not less. As expected earlier, iPhone 4S will be a world phone with the support of CDMA and GSM. Users will be able to choose the white version for their iPhone 4S from the beginning this time.

image7 | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs iPhone 4S Features & Specs – Who is The Best?

New iOS 5

Only saving grace for the iPhone 4S could be the iOS 5 which will come preloaded on the iPhone 4S. This is because iOS 5 is a major improvement over the current iOS 4.x versions. But even then don’t forget Google Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is right around the corner and many upcoming phones for example the next gen Nexus Prime are expected to come loaded with the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) from the end of this year.


I can’t help but feel that Apple will have a much tougher competition this time around as compared to the past years in the mobile market. This is because of the failure on the Apple part to release top mobile hardware at the right time and also the growing competition from the Android in the wake of the ICS. I mean consider the fact that Apple iPhone 4S that has been released “today” can hardly compete with the Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) which has been available for “months”. And don’t forget the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE With a 4.65-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED Screen that we reported earlier! Then there are quad-core smartphones such as the upcoming Nexus S and a “beast” that is called Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) that will be released next year!

Long story short at least Apple has done one thing pretty nice they made by decision of next smartphone purchase very simple. I will be going to with the Galaxy S2 not double minded this time!

I am apologize to the Apple fan boys out there but I must be honest and these are just my own feelings about the outcome of the media event that was held by Apple today. Do let us know your own thoughts on this issue? Will you buy the new iPhone 4S? If you think it will be enough for the Apple to keep its supremacy in the mobile arena?

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  • Tizzy

    You’re so far off base, it’s ridiculous.

    How long will it take to finally learn that specs are not what matter? What matters is the experience, is it smooth, is it responsive? And in that regard iOS is far superior to android.

    Frankly, the iPhone 4 was still the best smartphone in the world until this morning.

    without the upgraded camera SPECS, iPhone 4′s camera had it right – a great sensor and quality and relatively quick response. From my experience with Android phones I have yet to see a camera which takes pictures as well as and provides a better experience than the iPhone 4. Let alone the iPhone 4S.

    • John Wong

      I stay with a few housemates, one of them have Iphone 4 and one have SGS 2, the original Exynox variant.

      And I can say both are very smooth, both of them very happy with their phones.

      Android may be buggy but SGS 2 are very fast hence we can’t really see any lag in it, in older android phone, the lag is noticeable.

      Before you comment on something, pls try the things in your hands first.

      SGS 2 is one of the android phone that i would propose for ppl to buy, though i wouldn’t say so for other android phone.
      Of coz, Iphone 4 is a very good phone as well, but
      after almost a year, Iphone 4S seem like a bit of disappointment… I was expecting something more..

      • Jawwad

        Well I pretty much agree with ur conclusions!

    • Jawwad

      If SGS2 is not “smooth and responsive” than I don’t know what is! You must give SGS2 a try. I am sure you will forget iPhone 4S pretty soon then…:). My point was just that iPhone 4S is NOT enough when you have something like SGS2 in the competition and even bigger threats on the horizon…

      Thanks for ur comment!

      • Bil

        There’s only one Android device that’s impressed me, and that’s the Toshiba tablet. Every other Android device I’ve picked up (SII, Bionic, Atrix, Evo 3D, And pretty much everything else my Android-hacking friends have bought) has just felt clunky on the stock firmware. With hacked firmware on the devices that could take it, OTOH, that’s when their phones felt as smooth as my iPhone 4 did.

        The only feature on Android that I’ve been hoping would make it to iPhone was the notification system, and it finally did. As for assessment of the “TINY” screen, I feel as if Apple did the screen right – it’s large enough for my meat claws to use (i can stretch my thumb across a Dell Streak 5″), but the 3.5″ screen is small enough where a typical person with smallish hands can use an iPhone one-handed.

        BTW, except for the 10% of us that actually care about hardware specs, people don’t care about hardware specs; I know your site claims to be a geek site, but even geeks know that the rest of us don’t care. The 3GS is going to sell to those that want a “free” iPhone, the 4 is going to sell to those wanting a “cheap” iPhone, and the 4S is going to sell to everyone else. Unless ICS can end the fragmentation between hardware and interfaces across the board (which means Google is going to need Apple-like control of the platform), Android manufacturers are going to have a hard time with iPhone over the next year.

        • theman

          Dude u sound like all those stupid iphone fanboys around. 4s specs (except siri) has been on the market for almost a year and u r still impressed. I live in europe and i´ve seen facetime(went with other name) for like 10 years ago. Apple copies alot for u who dont know. Even though 4s is new, plz check the comparisons of the two phone(sgs2)s and tell me 4s is the best. Loser…

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