Beware iPhone 4S – Nexus Prime With Ice Cream Sandwich, 720p Display Coming October 11! [Teaser]

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image9 | Beware iPhone 4S – Nexus Prime With Ice Cream Sandwich, 720p Display Coming October 11!  [Teaser]

Its was yesterday when Apple released iPhone 4S killing all the hopes by the fans that wanted to see a true nextgen device in the form of iPhone 5. And after this its now Google/Samsung turn right? As we told you in a recent article that iPhone 4S release might not be enough to save Apple on the face of growing competition from Android based handsets. And already by today right after the Apple announcement about iPhone 4S Samsung has released a commercial that’s basically a teaser for the things that are to come on October 11 at CTIA. This video is embedded below and if you look closely at the end of the video you can see a curved device and we are almost sure this what we have been waiting for – Samsung Nexus Prime!

As of now we don’t know confirmed details on what to be expected but its believed to be a 4.6-inch screen device with 720p HD display if recent leaks are any indication! It’s also widely believed that Samsung Nexus Prime will come with the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)/ Android 4.0 pre-loaded! As on the processor front we can expect a 1.5 GHz processor based on well known Exynos architecture that we know from the Samsung Galaxy S2.  With a 25 percent increase in clock frequency this upgraded Exynos based SoC is expected to provide a 50 percent increase in 3D performance. If the integration of the nextgen Exynos processor in the Nexus Prime do turnout to be a reality than for sure Samsung Nexus Prime will be a very powerful device. Another thing that we might see this time around is the inclusion of the soft buttons instead of usual hardware buttons on the device. Although some people might complain as this will likely take away some screen real estate. But first we have to see the actual implementation to make any definite conclusion on this.

So what are your thoughts about the upcoming Samsung Nexus Prime? Are you excited about the new release? If you think it will be able to put a dent in the release numbers of the newly released iPhone 4S? Let us know in the comments section!

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