Top 4 Methods to Fix The iPhone 4 Quick Battery Draining Issues After Updating to iOS 4.3 [Tips]

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image11 | Top 4 Methods to Fix The iPhone 4 Quick Battery Draining Issues After Updating to iOS 4.3 [Tips]

These days as we are approaching close to the final release of the iOS 5 which brings substantial improvements to the current release version which is iOS 4. However, for now most of the users are still using the iOS 4.3 based releases unless you are a developer or curious to test the new features of the iOS 5 and have installed it on your iDevice. One of the common issues that is being faced by the users particularly the iPhone 4 users after the update to the iOS 4.3 is the rapid battery draining. Well, I cannot confirm this personally but this issue has been reported on the web many times. But I can confirm this issue for the iPhone 3GS and its quite severe there. So I am assuming that this is also a significant problem for the iPhone 4 users.

It seems that this problem can fixed in a number of ways. So, for the best results you can try all the methods.

Method 1 (Disable Ping Service)

First method is related to disabling the Ping service which can consume a lot of battery power.

    1: From the  Home Screen navigate to Settings.
    2: Now select the Enable Restrictions option in the Settings.
    3: Enter 4 digit pass code.
    4: Finally scroll down to Ping settings and press on the switch to disable it.

It might save up from 1-2 hours of battery life on your iPhone 4 or any other iOS based device.

Method 2 (Reset Network Settings)

Here is the second method to address the battery draining issue: Go to Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Method 3 (Restart iOS Device)

You might want to try by resetting the iPhone 4 and then on again. In some cases it can help. As it will free the fragmented memory and iOS will load from fresh and all the background apps will also close.

Method 4 (Close the Background Running Apps)

As you know in iOS 4 Apple has introduced new multitasking feature. In fact, this was one of the major new enhancement in the iOS 4 when it was released. Despite the fact that it brings the benefit in terms of quick app switching to the table it also introduces some overhead. For example, apart from the additional memory that is used by the applications that continue to run in the background they may also consume battery and for sure result in the quick battery draining issue. As a result, I will suggest to turn-off all the background apps frequently to avoid the battery draining issues. In addition, as a bonus it should also make your iOS device more responsive.

That’s all folks for now! If you have any other battery saving tips for the iPhone 4 or other iOS devices please let us know in the comments!

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