A Review of 5 Great Features to be Supported in iPhone 5 But Missing in iPhone 4S

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apple iphone 5 | A Review of 5 Great Features to be Supported in iPhone 5 But Missing in iPhone 4S

There has been already a lot of debate, discussions about the recent iPhone 4S release by the Apple and that was a source of disappointment for many people. As most people after such a long delay were expecting much more than just a “pumped up” iPhone 4 with a new name iPhone 4S. They were expecting that Apple will come up with a new innovative “re thinked” iPhone 5 that will allow them compete very well against the rising force of the Android. Unfortunately for us this didn’t happen. As for some reason Apple decided to stick with the same design and feature set of the iPhone 4 and updated the processor and camera and pushed the iOS 5 on that called it the iPhone 4S – an incremental update. Any how, here we are not going to discuss what could be reasons for this decision by Apple to release just an update to the iPhone 4 rather than a completely new product such as iPhone 5. But the purpose here is to analyze and list down some of the best features that we as consumers were expecting from Apple but they didn’t make it to iPhone 4S. But we are pretty sure that most of these features that are now missing from iPhone 4S will be making their way to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 4S 2 | A Review of 5 Great Features to be Supported in iPhone 5 But Missing in iPhone 4S

So without delaying anymore here is the rundown for the most wanted features that couldn’t make it to the iPhone 4S but they will be for sure the focal point for the iPhone 5 next year:

1. New Updated Design

As we can see this is one of the major complaints against the iPhone 4S as it stands now – no change in terms of body design neither in esthetics or materials from iPhone 4! Its not to say that design of the iPhone 4 was not good, but come on its been a long time and we don’t wanted a same boring design. I am sure that iPhone 5 will be much closer to the many concept designs we have reported in the past. It is expected to be radically different with a larger body and curved features to look more pleasing to the eyes something along the lines of the upcoming Nexus Prime. Although, at this point in time we cannot give a final verdict that what the design will be like.

2. Larger Display

This is also another highly criticized aspect of the iPhone 4S that its supporting the same old 3.6-inch display that we used to see in the previous iPhone 4. At that time with the release of the iPhone 4 it was fine but now in this era when every other phone comes with at least a 4-inch or larger display this overlook from Apple becomes hard to swallow! Once you get the experience of working on a device like Samsung Galaxy S2 (or any other large screen Android handset) it becomes hard to go back. This small screen on the iPhone 4S looks so tiny. I am pretty sure that Apple will not make the same mistake to go with a small display on the upcoming iPhone 5 and it will come with at least a 4-inch screen size or larger. iPhone 5 is also expected to come with a 720p HD display support as many latest high-end Android based handsets are starting to appear with these specs – Samsung Galaxy Note and upcoming Nexus Prime are some of the examples.

On a side note that by the next year we might see some glasses free 3D display technology implemented for the iPhone 5 display. There were some rumors pointing towards this earlier but we are not sure.

3. NFC Support

Before the release of the iPhone 4S there were many rumors that the next-gen iPhone will include the NFC support. But unfortunately this didn’t happen. We expect however that iPhone 5 next year will support this features that is becoming more important with the time.

4. LTE/WiMax Support

This is another point where rumor-mill turned out to be wrong as iPhone 4S – next-gen Apple mobile handset only supports HSPA+. Its really upsetting for the people that were expecting true 4G support on the device in the form of LTE or WiMax. But its strongly believed that by the next year these 4G technologies will be much more mature and will be supported on the “True” next-gen iPhone 5 and Apple will be more comfortable to have them on their Devices.

5. Deeper Facebook Integration

iPhone 4S didn’t show any strong Facebook integration but we expect that iPhone 5 will come with a much deeper Facebook integration in the iOS as was announced for the Twitter.

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