iPad 3 Release Date, Features, Specs & Pricing Rumors

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ipad3 apple | iPad 3 Release Date, Features, Specs & Pricing Rumors

Before talking iPad 3 lets first have a mention of iPad 2 that was released by Apple in March this year and turned out to be another greatly successful product for Apple along the lines of iPhone. iPad 2 was a much improved product over the original iPad with a Apple A5 chip inside which provided necessary power to run the latest iOS graphics intensive 3D games and multimedia apps with ease. From last couple of months there were strong rumors suggesting that Apple is going to be release iPad 3 in a short time with in 2011. Some even predicted that iPad 3 will be released by Apple together with the iPhone 5 on the media event that eventually took place at Apple campus. However none of this turned out to be true. We didn’t witness iPhone 5 and similarly no iPad 3 either!

However, during this time we witnessed a number of rumors about the possible specs, features, release date and pricing for the iPad 3. Some of them look more meaningful while others seemed to be a bit too far fetched. Our purpose with this articles is to give you have an overview of what to expect from the upcoming iPad product. May be not all of the predictions will turn out to be true but we expect that for the most part these predictions and rumors should be close to reality. Ok Lets have rundown of all different aspect related to the iPad 3!

Processor and GPU

gpu processor icon | iPad 3 Release Date, Features, Specs & Pricing RumorsAccording to the current sources there is a strong hint that iPad 3 will come with a new completely redefined Apple A6 chip on board. A6 is next generation mobile chip that will support quad-core processing capabilities although the actual CPU frequency may stay the same as A5. Original iPad 2 shipped with the A5 chip which itself is very potent and is now integrated in the new iPhone 4S recently released by Apple. As for the GPU capabilities we already know that iPad 2 GPU (A5 based) was many folds stronger than the A4. We expect the same in case of A6 and it should have at least 3 to 4 times more synthetic performance. Quad-core CPU with the A6 chip integrated in iPad 3 seems very logical considering the fact many new Android tablets released by the end of this year or new year will support this capability courtesy of NVidia Tegra 3.

Display and Screen Size

retina display | iPad 3 Release Date, Features, Specs & Pricing RumorsThere were strong rumors before the Apple iPad 2 release that new device will come with Retina display similar to the iPhone 4. Unfortunately this didn’t happen, and users were still stuck with the same old display technology as the original iPad. But considering the growing competition we are sure that upcoming iPad 3 will use the Retina display with much higher image quality. Its expected that iPad 3 will support 2048 x 1536 resolution HD 9.7-inch display. Some analysts are also saying that iPad 3 has been delayed in fact because of the delays in the manufacturing of this HD resolution Retina display for the iPad 3. There are also speculation about the integration of some 3D display technology. For example capturing 3D videos and outputting through the HDMI to a supported HDTV display. But this technology seems less likely to be coming out to us.

Apple has also been granted patents for the finger print proof touchscreen and its likely that iPad 3 display will come coated with such a material which will make the oil and finger prints less visible on the screen.


iPad 3 will come with a much improved camera at least a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash. As the previous iPad 2 was criticized for the low quality of the integrated camera and lack of flash. Camera will also be able to shoot 1080p videos at 60 frames per second. There is also a possibility that Apple integrates an 8 megapixel camera like the iPhone 4S. It seems that camera will manufactured by the OmniVision.

Operating System (iOS or Mac OSX Lion)

iOS5 | iPad 3 Release Date, Features, Specs & Pricing RumorsiPad 3 will come equipped with the latest iOS 5 and will support multi-gesturing technology. However, some analysts are expecting that iPad 3 might include more full-fledged Mac OSX Lion as the iPad 3 will be powered by quad-core A6 chip and it will support multi-tasking features such as notifications, task-finishing, app-switching. Well for this we will have to wait and see that which rumor turns out to be true in terms of the operating system.

Furthermore, we are sure that iPad 3 will come integrated with the iCloud technology that allows to access and store the photos, songs, calendars, app settings etc. seamlessly through the cloud. No need to manually copy everything though a PC or a Mac! Moreover, wireless synchronization will be provided of all the data including contacts, calendar, apps etc. with the PC!

Thunderbolt and SDcard Connectivity

memory size | iPad 3 Release Date, Features, Specs & Pricing RumorsOn the connectivity front we expect that iPad 3 will support the Thunderbolt technology like the latest Macs allowing the lightning fast transfer rates for the large video data for example quickly. There have been some rumors about the integration of an SDcard slot as well. An SDcard slot will make it very easy to connect the compatible memory cards from cameras, other mobile devices etc.

Release Date

There is still a lot of confusion about the release date of the iPad 3. As we have already witnessed Apple didn’t release it on the recent media event at its headquarters. It most likely going to be released in summer next year 2012 but a release in early next year is also a probability. Stay tuned we will keep you updated on the exact release date as we get wind of any further information.


Although most analysts believe that iPad 3 will be priced similarly to the iPad 2. While some say that it might be priced higher than the iPad 2 because of the expensive components used in the manufacturing. However, considering the fact that it will be released now in 2012 and there is a growing competition from the Android based tablets that are going to placed at very reasonable prices, we don’t expect that Apple will set iPad 3 price any higher than the iPad 2.

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