iPhone 4S has Only 512 MB of RAM! [Report]

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iPhone 4S1 | iPhone 4S has Only 512 MB of RAM! [Report]

As we know that in the recently released iPhone 4S changes compared to the wildly successful iPhone 4 were at the minimal level. Namely the hardware upgrades for the most part were limited to the new Apple A5 chip that was inherited from the iPad 2 and a new 8 Mega Pixel camera which however seems to be a marked improvement from the 5 MP camera present in iPhone 4. Not only the mega pixel count but also the quality and speed of the camera has been enhanced from the previous iPhone 4 model. Well the hardware improvement really end here as the display still remains the same in the 3-inch zone and same can said about the general design and body that is also the same as the iPhone 4.

Now some sources familiar with the iPhone 4S hardware are claiming yet another similarity to the iPhone 4. Namely they claim that the RAM is still 512 MB as the iPhone 4! So those of you who were expecting that iPhone 4S is probably going to have 1GB of RAM might be disappointed. This is another aspect where iPhone 4S lags behind the rivals from the Android world namely Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. However, note that this news comes form unofficial sources and might not be 100% accurate as Apple has never disclosed the complete details of the hardware of the iPhone 4S such as the RAM, CPU frequency etc. For these things we might have to wait a bit more until iPhone 4S gets in the hands of the skilled users that can take it apart and find the real specs of the CPU/GPU and other low level details of the hardware.

Despite these news there is no question about the iPhone 4S popularity because iPhone 4S is going to sell like hot cakes. According to the early reports so far there are record number of pre-orders for the Apple’s flagship device. You might want to take a look at out recent comparison of the iPhone 4S against the Samsung Galaxy S2 as well our recent articles on some of the key features that are missing from iPhone 4S but will make their way to the iPhone 5.

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