iPhone 4S Two Times Faster Than Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) With Huge Lead Over iPhone 4 Performance Benchmarks Show!

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This has to be hottest news of today. It seems that some users that have already got their hands on the new iPhone 4S have run some performance benchmarks and posted the numbers on line. These performance numbers are then picked by the Anandtech website and they compiled a more complete list of performance benchmarks of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S2 and other mobile devices. Performance benchmarking software that has been used includes the well known SunSpider Java Script Benchmark, Rightware BrowserMark, GeekBench and GLBenchmark to evaluate the performance of the modern smartphones and tablets in applications like browser performance, java script performance and GPU performance. Earlier we reported that Apple A5 chip integrated in iPhone 4S has only 512 MB of RAM on-board. Now further info about the A5 chip has also been revealed which suggests that the clock frequency of the A5 chip inside iPhone 4S is 700 MHz as compared to the A5 chip on iPad 2 which is clocked at 800 MHz. But despite the down-clocked A5 chip iPhone 4S shows great performance in all the benchmarks as you can see below:

SunSpider Java Script Benchmark

iPhone 4S Performance | iPhone 4S Two Times Faster Than Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) With Huge Lead Over iPhone 4 Performance Benchmarks Show!

If we take a look at the SunSpider JavaScript performance its clear that iPhone 4S has the fastest stock browser (Safari) for any mobile handset. It can complete the benchmark in the half of the time of iPhone 4! Furthermore even better than the Samsung Galaxy S2. However, keep in mind that browser performance is also dependent on the rendering engine and might be a result of the new performance enhancements in the iOS 5. In this regard, since Samsung Galaxy S2 is still running on the Android 2.3 codebase it can also cover this performance gap as soon as Google releases the Ice Cream Sandwich with a much improved performance for the stock web-browser. This is strongly expected because its clear that Galaxy Tab is leading this benchmark which has Android 3.0 Honeycomb installed on it although it has a weaker CPU as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2! But nevertheless this benchmark shows that iPhone 5 with the new iOS 5 is significantly faster than the iPhone 4.

Rightware BrowserMark

iPhone 4S Performance 2 | iPhone 4S Two Times Faster Than Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) With Huge Lead Over iPhone 4 Performance Benchmarks Show!

Rightware Browsermark results more or less mirror what we have seen in the previous benchmark that is iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 at the top position while Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4 are far behind. Again this shows the impressive performance optimizations done by Apple for the iOS 5/iPhone 4S combo, but at the same time this is for sure that Android based devices such as Samsung Galaxy S2 which are still based on Gingerbread will be able to cover this performance gap as soon as Ice Cream Sandwich based firmware is released for these devices. Of Couse, Honeycomb based Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is already giving us a hint on what to expect from the Ice Cream Sandwich!


iPhone 4S Performance 3 | iPhone 4S Two Times Faster Than Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) With Huge Lead Over iPhone 4 Performance Benchmarks Show!

Geekbench shows the performance for the iOS based devices and this time iPad 2 is also includes in the performance benchmarks. Its evident that iPhone 4 was never a big step up from the iPhone 3GS in terms of performance but on the other hand iPhone 4S is almost two times faster as compared to the iPhone 4! iPhone 4S is only beaten by the iPad 2 here and that makes sense because iPad 2 has A5 chip which is clocked at slightly higher frequency.


iPhone 4S Performance 4 | iPhone 4S Two Times Faster Than Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) With Huge Lead Over iPhone 4 Performance Benchmarks Show!

Final performance benchmark that we are going to discuss is related to the GPU or graphics performance of the modern Android and iOS mobile devices in the GLBenchmark. This paints quite an interesting picture about the GPU muscle of the A5 chip that is under the hood of iPhone 4S. It shows that iPhone 4S is almost 7 times faster than the iPhone 4! In other words, when Apple was saying that iPhone 4S is 7 times faster in GPU performance than the iPhone 4 they were not kidding! Its also close to two times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) which is really impressive. iPhone 4S is only beaten by the iPad 2 here which makes sense because as mentioned before iPad 2 has a higher clocked A5 chip.

Based on these performance figures there is no denying that iPhone 4S is quite a powerful beast and is actually more powerful than other mobile devices available in the market (with the exception of Apple’s own iPad 2). However, keep in mind that iPhone 4S performance figures shown in these figures are taken from the Internet posted by some anonymous users. So that might not be 100% accurate. Also once the Ice Crème Sandwich (Android 4.0) get released for many of the Android devices included in the performance benchmarks the result might paint a different picture.


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  • http://goodone Mr E

    TWO Cores+ optimize& compatible OS VS. One CORE….That’s a good one!

  • Required

    “Mr. E” – the S2 has dual core — not to mention has double the ram and double the clock speed.

    Not to mention that Samsung has tweaked Android for their phone…

  • yearight

    Clearly fake benchmarks

  • Zeros

    What Mr E means is that Android versions that are not v3.0 Honeycomb or v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich do not have hardware support for dual core. So the galaxy s 2 might have dual core, but the OS does not support it, so it does not go as fast as it could. When Ice Cream Sandwich is installed on the SGS2, then the dual core benchmarks will be much better than these benchmarks.

    • robert

      The samsung galaxy s2 and OS below 3.0 do have the ability of using both cores when using a custom rom lol they should try a custom rom benchmark lol

  • Chris

    I have one thing to say, I run sunspider benchmark on my Gs2 using Opera webrowser and I got 1713.4ms.

    Big diffrence from stock web browser

  • Ricky

    Clearly misleading benchmark
    The two results from SII arnt even on the same android release (one 2.3.3 and one 2.3.4) Where is the 2.3.5 result btw.
    Unprofessional and biased, please get lost ifanboy.


    it’s false, look at my stock SGS2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3Ss3jdv7sw

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