Download Xcode 4.2 With New iOS 5 and OS X 10.7 Lion SDKs

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Xcode | Download Xcode 4.2 With New iOS 5 and OS X 10.7 Lion SDKs

It was the Apple’s release day as they have released a pile of new and updated apps for the iOS 5. We have seen everything from the iTunes 10.5 release, iOS 5 itself, iMovie, Remote, and Find My iPhone apps. Also the updated versions of Pages, Numbers, Keynote. We also witnessed the release of  iTunes Movie Trailers app and a new Cards app. And now the latest one being the upgraded Xcode 4.2 for MAC with upgraded SDKs for both iOS 5 and OSX Lion.

Here are the new features in the Xcode 4.2:

- Includes SDKs for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and iOS 5
– Storyboards let you design multiple iOS screens, and define the segues among them
– Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) saves you from manually managing retain/release
– iCloud entitlements are automatically enabled for Mac and iOS apps
– OpenGL ES Debugger graphically analyzes your OpenGL scene directly within the IDE
– Apple LLVM compiler supports C++11 features and the LLVM libc++ standard library
– Older iOS Simulators and device debugging symbols are downloaded on-demand

Enhancements and fixes in previous Xcode updates:

– Interface Builder support for Auto Layout and new Aqua controls such as NSPopover
– Full screen support in workspace, project, and organizer windows
– Project editor can validate and resolve out of date build settings
– Behaviors can be customized and assigned to unique key bindings
– Source control enhancements to pushing, pulling, and management of remote servers
– Assistant editor support for display of generated assembly and preprocessed output
– Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

For those of you who are not familiar – Xcode is the application that is required to develop applications for the Mac or the Apple iOS platform, or more specifically an integrated development environment (IDE) for all Apple platforms related development. Of course, there are some tools available to develop iOS apps on the Windows platform as well but they are not as extensive and performance might not be on par with the native apps developed using the Xcode. This is particularly true for the apps that are developed using the technology like HTML 5.

[Download Xcode 4.2]

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