Fix iOS 5 Update Errors in iTunes: Error 3200, Error 3400, 3173, 3194

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itunes logo 220x1922 | Fix iOS 5 Update Errors in iTunes: Error 3200, Error 3400, 3173, 3194It seems that after the release of the iOS 5 final version yesterday many people are trying to update to the latest version on their iPhone 4/3GS etc. but instead of the upgrade they are getting the errors like “Error 32000”, “Error 3400” or something like “internal error occurred.” when restoring. It seems that the root cause of these errors has to do with the overload on the Apple servers this is because huge number of users are trying to do this same procedure at more less the same time that puts massive load on their servers. Only solution that we know of for now is to just wait  for some time so that things stabilize and load on Apple servers eases out and then you can try again to upgrade to the iOS 5 in iTunes 10.5. So this might work after few hours from now on.

In the mean time while you are waiting don’t forget to have a look at our recent iOS 5 jailbreak guide for your iPhone devices: Jailbreak & Preserve iOS 5 Baseband by Creating Custom IPSW Firmware Using Redsn0w 0.99b5 [Guide For iPhone 4/3GS]! Also have a look at the article: iOS 5: Review of New Features, Compatibility and Jailbreak Support.

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