AppsCenter: Launch Apps Directly From iOS 5 Notification Center on iPhone, iPad [Tip]

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image22 | AppsCenter: Launch Apps Directly From iOS 5 Notification Center on iPhone, iPad [Tip]iOS 5 Notification Centre is one of the major features in the latest version of the Apple mobile OS. Of course, it inherits some design elements from the Android but in any case it’s a huge improvement on what we had in the previous incarnation of the iOS 4.x. No wonder that so many Cydia or jailbreak developer jumped on the ship to develop useful Cydia tweaks or should I say widgets for the iOS 5 Notification Center. We have covered a lot of them in the past including the UISettingsWeeTwitter, WidgetTask, MusicCenter, SpringPrefs, RSSWidget to name a few – and of course WeeFacebook  for all the Facebook lovers out there! If you are really in to the iOS Notification Centre then we will point to this fabulous article: Ultimate Compilation of Best iOS 5 Notification Centre Widgets

And now after the release of iOS 5 developers are still hard at work to bring even more wonderful Widgets. And one of them that we came across recently is called AppsCenter developed by the developer named Filippo Bigarella. I can envision that AppsCenter can become an essential part of the work flow on the iOS for many people because what it allows you to do is something fundamental right from the connivance of the iOS 5 Notification Center – launch apps directly from there! It can be really convenient. There are a number of useful settings that you can change from the Settings panel including the visibility of the scrollbar, paging mode, show/hide the text labels with the app icons, number of apps per page and also the sorting of the listed apps in the widget area. You can even opt to select a specific set of apps that will be shown in the widget in the iOS 5 Notification Center instead of the ALL apps (see the picture above).

Please note that a jailbreak is required. If your device is not jailbroken on latest iOS 5 then please follow any one of these guides to preserve the baseband while doing so for both Windows and Mac:

- Jailbreak & Preserve iOS 5 Baseband by Creating Custom IPSW Firmware Using Redsn0w 0.99b5 [Guide For iPhone 4/3GS]

I would personally prefer the first guide based on the recently released Redsn0w version to create a custom firmware.

For now AppsCenter is not available through the Cydia as its still under development but we can expect it to be released very soon!


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