Enable Camera Icon and Launch Camera App From iOS 5 Lockscreen on Your iPhone, iPad [How to]

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One of the small but highly useful new features in the iOS 5 is the ability to launch the camera app directly from the lock screen without unlocking the phone, and then launching the app from the springboard. This really help to cut some time when you are in a hurry to catch a spontaneous photo as few seconds can make a difference that will decide that if you will be able to capture that moment or not. However, some new iOS 5 users might not know that you have to enable this feature for the Camera icon to appear on the iOS 5 lock-screen on your device.

image21 | Enable Camera Icon and Launch Camera App From iOS 5 Lockscreen on Your iPhone, iPad [How to]

Actually its very simple all you have to do is to double-tap the Home button when you are on the lockscreen on your device and a camera icon will magically appear right beside the unlock scroller as you can see in the picture above. In the past, we covered a number of ways using Cydia apps that can be used to get this feature on the iOS 4.x based devices including the SuperSlider jailbreak/Cydia tweak. Also we covered a similar tweak that allowed to launch the flashlight on the iPhone 4 from the lock-screen. This last feature is still not officially supported in iOS 5. Here are these articles:

You might want to have a look at the Cydia tweaks section on our website to get the full scoop!

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  • CC

    on iPhone 4S, and updated to new iOS5.   The new iPhoto icon already appears while screen locked without having to double tap the home button.

    When I tap the photo icon, it lifts the locked screen about a 1/4 inch and then drops back down again.  It does not fully remove the locked screen, consequently it doesn’t open up the Camera app.   

    The article only describes tapping the home button.  What about to take the locked screen away completely?  The video on iOS5 at apple.com indicates that when you tap the new photo icon that it opens to Camera app right away.  Not so.   What am I missing?  Thanks!

    • Shaufe

      I am having same issue…any luck?

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