Get iOS 5 Wireless iTunes Sync (Wi-Fi) Feature on Android & Sync Multiple iTunes Libraries [Guide]

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By now at least some of the Android fans might have got jealous with the  iOS 5 Wireless Sync feature. As this is arguably one of the most useful feature of the iOS 5 in terms of its ease of use in many scenarios that essentially allows to cut-the-cord as Apple likes to call it. Although, we mentioned in a recent article that iOS 5 Wireless Sync is in fact much slower than the USB syncing that all of us have got accustomed to. But this is to be expected for a wireless technology in terms of performance. You always have to sacrifice something to get the connivance benefit that iOS 5 Wireless Sync provides. Now the big question is how we get this Wi-Fi syncing on our Android devices working?

DoubleTwist AirSync 1 | Get iOS 5 Wireless iTunes Sync (Wi Fi) Feature on Android & Sync Multiple iTunes Libraries [Guide]DoubleTwist AirSync 2 | Get iOS 5 Wireless iTunes Sync (Wi Fi) Feature on Android & Sync Multiple iTunes Libraries [Guide]

Unfortunately there is no built-in option in Android that works the same way as this. This is the benefit of a tight echo system that Apple has in terms of iPhone, iOS and iCloud etc. However, there is still hope in the form of some apps available in the Android Market that offers similar functionality to the iOS 5 wireless sync feature for the iTunes. DoubleTwist’s AirSync  is very useful and a free application for the Android lovers out there. Actually, it is multimedia syncing application that will wirelessly (over Wi-Fi) sync your  iTunes music and videos from the Android device to a PC or a Mac. It is very simple to use. So, you can use it in conjunction with the free doubleTwist desktop app to automatically import your iTunes music playlists, iTunes ratings & play counts from your Mac or PC.

Another alternative app that we discovered recently is sync for PC that allows to Sync iTunes playlists, rate music and build playlists directly from your Android device. After installing it you can Wirelessly sync your music to your phone with the optional sync Wi-Fi Add-on. It allows to Automatically or manually wirelessly sync your music and videos with the PC.  You can create a "Sync Now" shortcut on your home screen to quickly launch a sync. Similar to the syncing feature in the iOS 5 you can upload photos taken on your phone and videos back to your computer. You can even sync with with multiple iTunes Libraries! – a feature that is not supported by the iOS 5.

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