Experts Conclude iPhone 4S Camera Unable to Match Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Camera! [Despite All the Hype]

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iPhone 4S2 | Experts Conclude iPhone 4S Camera Unable to Match Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Camera! [Despite All the Hype]iPhone 4S is current best iOS based smartphone available despite the fact that many users expected a bit more from Apple this time in the form of new iPhone 5 considering the delayed launch and also growing competition form Android based smartphones. But that didn’t happen – in the end what we are left with is an evolutionary product in the form of iPhone 4S with the same smaller screen size, same design, no LTE, same low 512MB of on-board RAM and list goes on and on… However, its not to say that iPhone 4S was complete disappointment as there were indeed some promising features in the form of powerful A5 SoC, all new iOS 5 which is BTW not just limited to iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S exclusive Siri an advanced virtual assistant , and of course who can forget the fantastic new 8MP camera which promises to bring the much higher quality optics that leads to better quality for captured images particularly in low light conditions with the advanced on-chip image processing supported by the A5. 1080p video recording is also new to the table for iPhone. Another interesting new camera feature is almost zero lag to capture those instantaneous photos.

Well the point is all these new camera feature enhancements look impressive but we cannot deny the fact that the hype generated by iPhone/Apple fans is going a bit far! For example, I noticed a number of review where they claim that iPhone 4S camera is the best available with highest images quality as compared any Android phone based camera (ok this is digestible!). But this not ends here as some even go the point to declare it equal to high-end DSLRs from Canon! This is really ridiculous! – I mean having a better camera than Android phones is one thing but saying its “almost” equal to the high-end DSLR cameras is another thing. Coming back to the reality, fact of the matter is iPhone 4S even NOT better than any good point&shoot camera available on the market today let alone DSLRs. And now coming back to the point for the camera quality of iPhone 4S PC World experts prove that iPhone 4S camera is indeed a marked improvements on iPhone 4 camera but it CANNOT beat the best cameras from the phones in the Android world.

image30 | Experts Conclude iPhone 4S Camera Unable to Match Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Camera! [Despite All the Hype]

PC World results conclude that overall Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) has the best camera of any smartphone (including iPhone 4S) considering both image quality and video quality. Based on the pure image quality T-Mobile MyTouch Slide 4G tops the list with  Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) and iPhone 4S finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. While looking at the video quality results  Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) crushes the competition by toping the list while iPhone 4S only manages the 4th position!

image31 | Experts Conclude iPhone 4S Camera Unable to Match Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Camera! [Despite All the Hype]

Now talking about the assessment criteria used by the PC World experts panel they put the iPhone 4S in competition against the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S II , the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide, Droid Bionic and HTC Sensation 4G. They took sample images and videos from the phones on the same tripod under the same lighting conditions and then photos were printed to be evaluated by the panel based on exposure quality, color accuracy, sharpness and distortion. For the videos performance was judged in normal lighting and low light with audio quality also factoring into the final scores.

image32 | Experts Conclude iPhone 4S Camera Unable to Match Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Camera! [Despite All the Hype]

However, there is indeed one advantage that iPhone 4S has – in terms of video shooting in low lightening conditions that was one of the features touted by Apple and is indeed true. But the conclusion from this is that go and grab a Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) if you want the best image quality still shots and videos – a best of both worlds! I think the findings from PC World experts group is enough to bust all the hype that was generated about iPhone 4S having THE best camera! Of course it might have zero shutter lag and so on but that’s not the same thing as having the best image quality. Of course, it’s a big improvement over the iPhone 4 camera particularly in still imaging as witnessed by the tests.

You can view the detailed and extensive article by PC World here as they leave little margin in these detailed experiments to disagree!

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  • Mau

    Not a big surprise here, apple and the fanboys making a bigger deal than they need to.. I bought my wife the 4s today and I use a galaxy s2. She was like OMFG SIRI!!$@$%@#%… Siri, update my twitter! “Sorry, i can’t do that”

    I was like.. wtf? I took out my galaxy s2 and said, update twitter, iphone sucks. and my phone did it for me….

    • ConcertVideo

      I highly doubt you have a wife, let alone an Iphone 4s, and if you do have a wife – I feel sorry for you. In a month, no one will care about Samsung Galaxy S2, it will be about the next Samsung phone. And in a year, around 30 Android phones will be better than your piece of crap. HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola care about their customers for a month or two before moving on to the next phone. If you’ve used an Iphone 3gs/4/4s for more than a week like I have, you’ll find out quickly that the user-experience is so much better. No need for “App Killers” to kill off apps that open up without me asking (So much for Android Multitasking) No crappy night video recordings that has plagued Android phones (At first I accepted it as it was 2009 technology, then I saw video samples from Samsung Galaxy S2 and thought damn, it’s been two years, very sad indeed.

      - Ex Android Nexus One phone user of almost 2 years, now Iphone 4s owner for the next 2 years.

  • chris c

    well i do have a wife, we each got a 4s and a s2. I was trying for hours to convince her too go iphone but no joy. To conclude, i couldnt put her phone down when we got home, and luckily i was able to swap the 4s under the 3 day cooling off period. Safe to say the samsung 4s is far superiour in every way. In fact i doubt Apple can even come close in the future to the technological upgrades now offered by samsung. Face facts people like i just did. The Samsung S2 is so far ahead of the competition anything else would be a sacrifice.

    • ckj

      I’d have to agree for the most part. I switched from iPhone to Galaxy s2 because the forever disappointing screen size (big hands, bad eyes, surf the web on my phone a lot, and maps/nav is not even comparable), and it’s hard to look back. But I don’t think it’s the best phone, lots of close competition. For my purposes it is the best phone out right now, for someone else, like my gf, the iPhone is (trend?). No doubt it will be passed up very shortly. Apple’s NEVER had competition like this at the time of release of its new flagship, so they better get with it again for the iPhone 5.

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