Get iOS 5 Look & Feel, Features On Your Android Device Using Espier Launcher

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So many times here, we talk about the awesome apps & features that Android provides to its users and it even extends to the distributions itself. Take a look for example at the at the forums like XDA for the number of distributions or ROM choices that are available for even a single device like Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – CyanogenMod, MIUI, Darky ROM and list goes on & on for the other custom ROM that popup every day for these Android powered devices. Certainly we cannot get the same level of variety or choices for installing the ROMs on our iPhone! Can we? – where we have only iOS that is bound to a rigid feature-set set by Apple. Of course, we can jailbreak and install the customizations but can we change the kernel, tweak low level GPU drivers and so on … we cannot!

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If you are an Android device owner and lover its customizability and features set but somehow like the look and feel of the iOS 5 (or previous iOS versions as visually they are more or less the same in such a long time), you are in luck! Because  Espier Launcher is a nice application available for free in the Android Market that will transform your Android device in to an iOS device in no time! It gives you the same springboard layout, icons and other features as you expect from iOS (see the picture above). For example, it’s easy to operate shortcut icons, folders, and function switches. You can manage multi task and uninstall programs conveniently. Also the natural gestures operation gives you smooth and fluent user experience. Its really the closest mimic we have seen for the iOS on the Android platform so far!

Here are some key features as described by the developers:

- Similar with desktop layout and icons of iPhone 4/iPhone 4S;
- Support dynamic icons, such as calendar, SMS, phone and other icons, dynamically display the date, the number of unread messages or missed calls;
- Create and edit folders by fast way;
- Easy Desktop Editing: press and hold any icon into desktop editing mode;
- Support for adding shortcuts on the desktop;
- Applications Access Control: user must input patterns or digital password to start applications;
- Support a variety of icon sorting method;
- Support for Desktop Searching: you can easily search for applications, contacts, SMS, e-mails and so on;
- Support for Desktop configuration restore/backup;

As you can see Espier Launcher supports the maximum number of features that you can expect from such an application. Particularly considering that you don’t have to pay a penny!

Download Espier Launcher

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