Iris : Get Siri Alternative For Android Created By Developers in 8 Hours!

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image34 | Iris : Get Siri Alternative For Android Created By Developers in 8 Hours!

Siri – a nice little personal assistant is one of the key features advertised by Apple for iPhone 4S. It’s considered as one of the most advanced application of its kind implemented yet in any smartphone, and big improvement over the voice recognition technology in iOS 4.x versions. Apple considers it so important for the iPhone 4S sales for some reason that they have blocked it from the installation on the iPhone 4/3GS. In other words, even if you install the iOS 5 on the older iPhone versions, you cannot have Siri talking to you. They have gone to the extent that even for the users that installed Siri app from the iTunes App store (earlier before the iPhone 4S release) will have it blocked remotely, just to force users to buy iPhone 4S! Have you seen anything like this in Android world? I am amazed at the which extent Apple can go to control/manipulate the access its users have to anything .

Siri alternative | Iris : Get Siri Alternative For Android Created By Developers in 8 Hours!Anyway, the point for today was to bring to your attention a nice little App developed by some Android developers that is clearly inspired by Siri and its developers have done some amazing work considering that they developed this app named Iris in just 8 hours – an alternative for something that is being promoted by Apple as the primary feature of the new iPhone 4S! Iris apparently seems to be a girl she will talk to you on any topic ranging from Philosophy, Culture, History, science to general conversation. But as you might expect Iris is still rough around the edges as there are bugs lurking around, certainly its not as polished or as capable as Siri as reported by some users. However, considering the large user interest that has been generated in such applications in recent times after iPhone 4S release, you can expect great things from this app in the near future as its being actively developed now. As you might have already guessed by now that Iris is the reverse of Siri! as we said it’s inspired by Siri. Now the app is available in the Android market and you can get it for free. Note that you need to have "Voice Search" and "TTS library" installed in your phone for iris to work. Most of the phones have these pre-installed, if not please install them from Android market before you try iris.

However, this is not the only alternatives to get Siri like features on your Android device as we recently mentioned some other as well in the article: Get iPhone 4S Siri Features on Your Android Device.

[Download Iris From Android Market]

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