Huge Download List of Insecure Kernels/Firmware to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII)

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samsung galaxy s22 | Huge Download List of Insecure Kernels/Firmware to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII)CF-Root is something that we already covered here and is the preferred method to root Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) these days. Basically these are in-secure kernels based on the stock kernels released by Samsung but modified to enable rooting and add some other essential features such as Busybox, Super user, CWM and so on. As I said these are based on the stock kernels intended to root the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) device by flashing though the ODIN software, but these are NOT complete ROMs – only the kernels.

Here are the features common to all the different variants of the kernels:

- Boot to CWM
- Backup firmware
- Restore backups
- Delete backups
- Install APKs
- Flash CWM3/4’s
- Flash kernels (zImage, zImage in TAR, zImage in ZIP, zImage in TAR in ZIP) – without changing warning triangle status or increasing flash counter

Now as you will see below a long list of different CF-Root kernels but you cannot use anyone of them for your specific SGS2 device. Basically, you have to check first the kernel version that is already installed on your device in the Settings –> About phone, and then find the closest kernel to that one and flash that using the ODIN.

So here is the list of all currently available kernels that we found:

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 1

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 2

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 3

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 4

Unsecure Kernels/Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – Set 5

You might also be interested to have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S II section on our website where we have covered a large collection of tweaks, tips&tricks and rooting and custom ROM installation guides for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII).

If you don’t know how to use these insecure kernels to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 then please follow our latest step-by-step article to root the SGS2 using the Odin and CF-Root kernel!


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  • JohnAs

    Hi, when I look at the kernel version of my phone this is what I see.
    dh130.yoo@SEP-48 #2
    What CF file do I have to download that goes with the version that I have on my phone. I don’t really understand cause none of the file listed here seems to have any number that could match with what I have on my phone.
    Thank you.

    • Tulshi

      Hey just wondering if you got your Samsung Galaxy 2, i have the same Kernel version, if you did get your phone rooted please point me to the right direction thank you.

  • SeekingTruth

    How do I know which kernel to use? Settings –> About phone -> kernel version says, which doesn’t resemble any of the names of any of the tar files above.

  • q

    kernel version here – a bit of clarification on deciphering this would be much appreciated

  • Confused

    Yup, same issue here. None of these kernels resemble what appears in my phone settings. What appears for me is exactly as follows:
    root@DELL105 #2

  • Jawwad

    OK Guys keep in mind u need to match the build no. (firmware version) NOT the kernel version!

    • q

      build number GINGERBREAD.EG30, not seeing any four-digit matches in any of the items in the list =(

    • Confused

      I have a similar issue as “q”, except mine says:


  • Jack

    I read frm other sites that the matching one to look for is the last 4 numbers, thus mine to look out for is DXKI2.

  • Robert Reiz

    I have Kernel Version with Build Number GINGERBREAD.UVKID.
    Which file I have to download ???
    This article is not very helpful and very confusing.

  • David

    Like others, absolutely no clue which of these to use, if any.

    My phone is showing as ZSKI3

  • q

    The worst part about this is that I really, really want to love this site, but I just can’t recommend it to my friends seeing as how the staff refuse to even answer simple questions or update their articles to help out people.

    Guess I’ll just have to go elsewhere. =(

  • David

    I have a 2nd one now (wife) and it is XWKF3… also not there so “all currently available kernels that we found” is really not that great.

  • Robert Reiz

    There is another way to unlock the phone. Just call your provider and tell him that you have to make a business trip to a foreign country and you have to use your phone their with a local provider.
    I did that and after 3 workdays I got the unlock code via email. Now my Galaxy S2 is sim lock free :-) and I can use it with any provider. :-)

  • Jeewan

    Kernel Version. #2

    Really confused about which kernel to download, please guide…

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  • Cristian Radu

    For Samsung Galaxy SII .. 9100XWLPI-C686447 ??

  • Matt

    I have a question.. I have SCH-r760 2.3.6 and my kernel is the FF18. Which one should I use?

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