iPhone 4S Jailbroken on iOS 5 But Still No Release Date [Screenshots]

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So far we already have the iOS 5 jailbreak solutions for the iPhone 4/3GS etc. although in the form a tethered solution. But users can indeed use a new way to do the semi-tethered if they like, which is a good compromise between the complete untethered jailbreak and a quite limited tethered jailbreak. But for now iPad 2 and iPhone 4S users have been out of luck as there is only iOS 4.3.3 jailbreak that is currently possible on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S users are still waiting for any kind of jailbreak.

But it seems that iPhone-dev-team is quite busy and determined to bring the iOS 5 jailbreak to both the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Earlier we reported about a video demo of iPad 2 jailbreak on iOS 5 by the iPhone-dev-team member MuscleNerd, and now here are some pictures that show the iPhone 4S jailbroken on iOS 5. These are shared to prove that work is well under way and feasibility of such as a solution. Although according to MuscleNerd there are some huge missing pieces and as a result there is a lot work that needs to be done. Unfortunately because of these reasons there is no release date for any tool that will allows to jailbreak iOS 5 on iPhone 4S. But until then enjoy the pictures shared on Twitter by MuscleNerd to show the root access on the iPhone 4S!

image39 | iPhone 4S Jailbroken on iOS 5 But Still No Release Date [Screenshots]image40 | iPhone 4S Jailbroken on iOS 5 But Still No Release Date [Screenshots]

Apparently there is no mention of if this demoed iOS 5 jailbreak is tethered or untethered but at least a jailbreak of iPhone 4S is possible in any case!

If you want to jailbreak your existing iOS 5 device such as iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS then please follow any one of these guides to preserve the baseband while doing so for both Windows and Mac:

- Jailbreak & Preserve iOS 5 Baseband by Creating Custom IPSW Firmware Using Redsn0w 0.99b5 [Guide For iPhone 4/3GS]

I would personally prefer the first guide based on the recently released Redsn0w version to create a custom firmware.

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