How to Fix Touch Screen Sensitivity Issues on Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) ?

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screen | How to Fix Touch Screen Sensitivity Issues on Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) ?

Super AMOLED screen on Samsung Galaxy S2 is no doubt amazing with its rich colors, deep blacks and increased sharpness that bring everything to life that you view on the device. However, for some reason, there are screen sensitivity issues. In more specific terms, screen doesn’t seem to register the movements when the pressure applied is below a specific threshold as well as if the touch is for a short time. This can get annoying for the users that are coming from other devices and used to only perform light touches. I also personally experienced this problem. Although, not a big issue but can still bother you at least in the start.

If you are still not clear about this issue see this video embedded below:

Again regarding this issue fantastic developers at the XDA forums comes to rescue as recently I found a free application called TouchScreenTune developed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) that allows to fix the above mentioned issue. All you have to do is to download the apk for TouchScreenTune from here and install it on your device. Then launch the app and from the interface just drag slider to 0, press "Apply" and press "Enable serv.". It will force service to auto-start when you reboot, and apply settings after every screen lock/unlock cycle.

Please keep in mind that this application requires a rooted device. If haven’t done so already then follow our article: Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and CF-Root Insecure Kernels to do so.

You might also be interested to have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S II section on our website where we have covered a large collection of tweaks, tips&tricks and rooting and custom ROM installation guides for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII).


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