iOS 5.0.1 Enables Multi-touch Gestures on iPad 1 & Improves Battery Life – Beta Pushed to Developers

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image9 | iOS 5.0.1 Enables Multi touch Gestures on iPad 1 & Improves Battery Life – Beta Pushed to Developers

Earlier, we heard the news that Apple acknowledged serious battery draining issues related to the iOS 5 and now it has been revealed that a new iOS 5.0.1 beta has been pushed to the developers. So, probably in a couple of weeks this new iOS 5.0.1 release should be available to the all iDevice users such as iPhone 4S/4 and 3GS etc. Among the changes that has been known so far is the fix of issues related to the battery draining and iCloud related bugs. But most important news for the iPad 1 users is that now iOS 5.0.1 enables the multi-touch gestures by default on iPad 1. So no need anymore to jailbreak and enable this 4-finger gestures using the other hacks. This was a very noticeable omission from the iOS 5.0. Its also reported that there are some security improvements in this iOS beta release.

keep your fingers crossed for the general public release of the iOS 5.0.1 if you have been disappointed by the rapid battery draining issues of the iOS 5 or the omission of multi-touch gestures on iPad 1!


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