Sony PlayStation 4 (PS 4) Release Date, Design, Features and Games Rumors

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image5 | Sony PlayStation 4 (PS 4) Release Date, Design, Features and Games Rumors

Sony and Microsoft are set to lock horns once more with PlayStation 4 and Xbox respectively, in 2012. Sony’s PlayStation series have always recorded off the charts sales, and Microsoft’s retaliation in the form of Xbox failed to create any setback in the sales of PSs across the world. The latest version of PS, the uber popular PS 3 is reported to have sold more than 50 million units worldwide, since its entry into the global market in November 2006, as of March 2011.

PS 4 is expected to be a stepped up version of PS 3 and most of the features are believed to be the same. At the same time, there are expected to be various add ons that will make the soon-to-be-released gizmo a resounding hit. Even as PlayStation 4 is still in the finishing stages of production, rumors say that PlayStations 5 and 6 are already on the boards, and are being conceptualized.

PS 4 keeps avid gamers and techno geeks guessing as to what technological advancements could have been incorporated into it. This PlayStation line has been conceptualized by followers of the brand as a combination of motion and dual shock controllers, besides being the world’s first 3D gaming console.

PlayStation 4 (PS 4) Specifications and Features

Those scrutinizing the development of the brand opine that PlayStation 4 will only be an upgraded version of its predecessor, the renowned PS 3. Some assume that PS4 will continue to use CELL technology, as this will help the company save appreciably on production costs. This assumption is based on the fact that lower production costs will translate to lower retail price of the gaming console in the market, and the economic approach will help the console be an instant hit.

On the other hand, other users predict that PS 4 will offer a wide range of cool features that will make it a trendsetter in the arena. Sony, too, is aware that the world is increasingly leaning towards green and sustainable development. PS 4 will be a green gaming console, with up to 60% of the electronic gadget being manufactured using eco-friendly materials. An “Eco Start” option is also on the cards that will allow a user to save and resume games without any necessity to switch it off in between.

Also contributing to make the product an eco friendly one that will have minimal ecological footprint is the feature that allows PS 4 to automatically switch off if it remains switched on but unused for 30 minutes. This period, termed as “no activity”, is when the console can self-charge from a rechargeable battery fit in it.

While the console will be as green as possible, it will retain all the un-eco-friendly electronic pathways and components that are required for it to function. The specs of the console will not be compromised upon, and high definition video output and superior gaming experience is still the priority. USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI connect port and a whopping 1.5 TB hard disk will make the console home to mind-boggling number of games.

PS 4 will also boast of 3D support with 4K2K compatibility, will support 3D Blu-Ray, and can synchronize with Sony Ericsson and Sony Brava. Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) will also be a part of the deal. PS4 is predicted to have 32nm 8 Core Cell processor with 16 SPEs, 22nm Kepler and 2GB RAM.

Sony PlayStation 4 Design

Sony is yet to release the design of the gadget officially, but enthusiastic folks have gone ahead and uploaded concept images for the console. Needless to mention, all the conceptualized designs of PS 4 are sleek, with many of them appearing even futuristic. While some show a translucent surface with a catchy control board, other portray PS 4 as an extension of the iPads reigning the market. However, the world will have to wait with a bated breath for the official release of this PlayStation to know its design.

image6 | Sony PlayStation 4 (PS 4) Release Date, Design, Features and Games Rumors

image7 | Sony PlayStation 4 (PS 4) Release Date, Design, Features and Games Rumors

image8 | Sony PlayStation 4 (PS 4) Release Date, Design, Features and Games Rumors

Sony PlayStation 4 Games

PS 4 is expected to finally incorporate the much coveted body movement based technology into this globally renowned Sony product. Kinect, the motion sensing input device that adds a whole new dimension to gaming forms the fertile ground on which this assumption is based.

Sony is still developing PS 4 games, and the package of games will most probably make their debut alongside PS 4 itself. Former Head of Sony Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison is reported to have emphasized on the concept of game streaming, which proposes that gamers play online by streaming games from a cyber database. This model can be compared to existing websites like Netflix, and the structure of the game streaming will be similar to this. Newer technology, technologically advanced games, cutting edge 3D graphics and high definition visuals are all to be a part of the package.

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