Download MIUI ROM With Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Framework For Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) I9100 & Galaxy S

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image16 | Download MIUI ROM With Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Framework For Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) I9100 & Galaxy S

Now some interesting developments have finally started to take place for the Android users in connection with the recent Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) announcement from Google. Source code for the Ice Cream Sandwich is still not available, but developers for the Galnet has managed to use the ICS framework for the latest MIUI builds. These latest MIUI firmware are not only available right now for the popular Samsung devices such as Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII), Galaxy S but also for many other popular Android devices such as HTC Desire, Desire HD and Nexus S etc. Please note that these latest Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) based builds for the Galnet MIUI are still not deeply tested so take caution when flashing them on your device. Having said that it seems most of the features are working based on the reports from the users on the XDA forum thread.

1. Battery life: Decent (not yet drained and charged to be considered ‘calibrated’ yet fairly reasonable. 4%/hr in moderate usage without Juice defender.
2. BT – Nothing wrong with it. Paired few headsets, and a car BT easily, and steady.
3. Reception – better than ever. with KI4 modem calls are clear (better than before) , Wi-Fi sensitivity is greater.
4. other bugs: not found yet in a business like use..
5. Browser: Works great with Opera mobile. Never liked any other one.
6. themes, skins, wallpaper: Supports all on-line (downloadable) ones from MIUI.
7. Update (KIES like) – works.
8. Undervoltage/overclock (setCPU) – not supported by original Kernel – untested.
9. Siyah 2.1.1 testing – What for ? smile | Download MIUI ROM With Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Framework For Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) I9100 & Galaxy S happy with original.

We haven’t personally tested it but based on the input from the thread its better to flash it from CWM and also do the full wipe to avoid any issues that might arise. Although for some users its working even without the full-wipe by just clearing the cache and dalvik cache. Working well for some users with the Siyah Kernel but I guess it should work with the SpeedMod kernel (my favorite) as well. Don’t forget that it’s a MIUI ROM so the interface is just like you expect on a MIUI ROM. It’s the underlying framework that is based on the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It not ICS AOSP or stock Samsung firmware just to mention for the information.

Just to mention for the users that don’t know MIUI is based on CM and takes many design cues from the iOS on iDevices. MIUI is also very lean and mean weighing just around 100 MB in size as compared to the many stock firmware (i.e., Samsung stock firmware is around 300 MB for Samsung Galaxy S2!). It also runs very fast and slick on most Android devices.

You might also be interested to have a look at the Samsung Galaxy SII section on our website where we have covered a large collection of tweaks, tips&tricks and rooting and custom ROM installation guides for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII). If you want to root your SGS S2 then follow our guide: Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and CF-Root Insecure Kernels.

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