How to Enable iOS 5 Hidden Auto Correct Keyboard Feature on iPhone or iPod Touch [Tip]

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In iOS 5 Apple has managed to fix most of the limitation that were apparent in the iOS 4.x, for example, the Notification Center enhancements including widgets (although they are still not as flexible as on Android), Wi-Fi syncing and some small but very useful features such as camera access from lock-screen and using the vol button as the camera shutter, and dictionary access and many other features. However, one area where it seems to be still somewhat limited is the custom keyboard support. I mean on Android you have a large choice of keyboards such as Android stock keyboard, Swift, Swype and many other keyboards, each of which have their own unique features. But in iOS 5, there is no way you can set the system keyboard using an app from the Apple app store for example. You are stuck with the built-in keyboards which is pretty nice, but misses out on some modern keyboard features that we used on popular Android keyboards.

But, if you have already upgraded to the iOS 5 on your iDevice then you will be happy to know that it seems that Apple has put useful autocorrect keyboard feature (similar to the one that we get on many Android keyboards) that is usually not associated with the iOS keyboard. But you have to enable it and then you can make use of it. Its not difficult to enable the autocorrect keyboard feature at all. Just follow this step-by-step procedure to enable it in iOS 5:

large | How to Enable iOS 5 Hidden Auto Correct Keyboard Feature on iPhone or iPod Touch [Tip]

Enable iOS 5 Hidden Auto Correct Keyboard

1. First download the iBackupBot software (a tool for iTunes that allows to browse, view, export and even EDIT files backed up to iTunes).

2. Now backup your iPhone or iPad data using the iTunes.

3. Launch the iBackupBot application and then locate the backup and load it.

4. Find Library/Preferences/ and open the file.

5. Enter the following code in the file: <key>KeyboardAutocorrectionLists</key><string>YES</string>

6. Finally save the modifications and restore from backup from within iBackupBot.

7. Enjoy the Hidden Auto Correct Keyboard Feature from iOS 5 on your iPhone or iPod!

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