iPhone 4S Battery Life is Worse Than Android Phones (Samsung Galaxy SII) – Results Show!

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iPhone 4S  | iPhone 4S Battery Life is Worse Than Android Phones (Samsung Galaxy SII) – Results Show!We all know that when Apple released the iPhone 4S, it was said despite the significantly more horse-power under the hood courtesy of Apple A5 dual-core chip, the battery life should be actually slightly better than the iPhone 4. Well, as most of us suspected this didn’t turn out to be true, because many iPhone 4S users had the opposite experience! Battery drain on the iPhone 4S was noticeably quicker than the iPhone 4. Many of us assumed that it might very well be because of the iOS 5.0 issues that comes pre-installed on latest iPhone. This was understandable, particularly considering that older generation iPhone 4/3GS also had much quicker battery draining issues after installing the iOS 5. But it seems that even the recently released iOS 5.0.1 is unable to fix these battery life issues judging from some recent reports.

Anyway, PC World did some interesting test comparisons to evaluate and compare the iPhone 4S battery life with the many Android based phones, and results are not un-expected I would say as iPhone 4S battery while decent falls short as compared to some top Android phones such as Samsung Epic Touch 4G ( Sprint branded Samsung Galaxy S2 (II))  by a noticeable margin. Have a look fro yourself:

image17 | iPhone 4S Battery Life is Worse Than Android Phones (Samsung Galaxy SII) – Results Show!

Please note that these result were conducted with the iOS 5 pre-installed on iPhone 4S. Results might be a bit different from these, if tested with the recent iOS 5.0.1 update for iPhone 4S. However, I don’t think its goanna make a huge difference.


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