How to Install Samsung Touchwiz 4 Apps in MIUI ROM For Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII)?

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Touchwiz 4 is the latest version of the Samsung suite of apps and a layer of user-interface coating on top of plain vanilla Android ASOP experience as we used to get on the Google branded Nexus devices. It can also be considered as an equivalent to the HTC Sense but of course from Samsung. I know that many users consider the Touchwiz as bloat and they might be right as some apps included in Touchwiz such as Social hub, Music hub, Games hub and so on are really crappy and not of much use for most users. In fact, there are some 3rd-party scripts that we covered in the past that can easily uninstall all the bloat from the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII), which comes pre-loaded with a lot of Touchwiz flavor. But at the same time for some reason I do like the Touchwiz 4 launcher. Its works very fluid and seems to be hardware accelerated and has some nice touches in terms of accessibility.

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Anyway, if you don’t want to use the stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy SII device and have somehow migrated to the super efficient and lean&mean MUI ROM which we have praised many times in the past then you can still enjoy the Touchwiz while sticking with the MIUI as Touchwiz for MIUI V2.1 is here courtesy of an XDA developer amitmiz that is basically a collection all Touchwiz apps compiled and rolled in a single package that can be flashed from the CWM(Clockworkmod) recovery easily. So, in effect you don’t have to compromise the MIUI experience to get the Touchwiz apps on your Android device! Of course, you need to have a rooted device to do this right?

Touchwiz app that work with this mod:
-Social hub
-Music hub
-games hub
-Readers hub
-Kies air
-Samsung apps (Samsung’s own market)
-Photo Editor
-Samsung keyboard
-Touchwiz launcher (twlauncher4.5)
-Voice commands
-Zero clicker
-samsung wheather widget +APP
-samsung news widget (only widget, app doing FC)
-Polaris Office (not sure if it is work to everyone)

If you are wondering stock Samsung camera app which I believe is quite feature packed still don’t work in MIUI unfortunately as mentioned by the developer in the XDA forum thread!

Download Touchwiz for MIUI V2.1


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