How to Install Android Market and Google Apps on Amazon Kindle Fire [Guide]

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Kindle Fire home | How to Install Android Market and Google Apps on Amazon Kindle Fire [Guide]Last week, we brought you a number of interesting guides relating to the new kid on the block in the tablet market – namely Kindle Fire. One of the cheapest tablets around with the dual-core processor and all the rest of the key features that you might expect from a modern Android tablet. Coming back to the topic in our previous guides we reported a simple method that allows to side-load (install) android apps without rooting the Kindle tablet. Later we provided a simple guide for rooting the Kindle Fire using the SuperOneClick. Rooting gives you much more freedom in terms extended possibilities and features that can be enabled on your Android device. But to really take advantage of the rooting many would argue that we should have some method of Android Market installation so that one can choose an app from wide array of Apps available there rather than from a limited list of Apps that are natively supported/created for the Kindle Fire by Amazon.

Hard working Android developer community at the XDA forums never stops to amaze us. Now this time they have brought us a simple method that allows Kindle Fire users to easily install the Android Market as well as other Google Apps on their tablet. However, keep in mind that a rooted Kindle Fire is required before you can follow this procedure. In case, its not rooted then just follow our simple guide to root your Kindle Fire using SuperOneClick. So, now lets get started on how to install Android Market and Google Apps on your Kindle Fire tablet.

Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as Inspired Geek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.


1. Following files are required (download this rar file and extract it using WinRAR, 7Zip etc. and find these files):

  • GoogleServicesFramework.apk
  • Vending.apk (Latest Version 3.3.11)

Above mentioned rar file also includes many other Google apps such as Google Books, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Voice etc. that you can optionally install later on. It also includes the popular Go Launcher that you will need later.

2. Make sure that your Kindle Fire device allows side-loading apps. On your Kindle Fire navigate to the “Device” and turn On “Allow Installation of Application From Unknown Sources”

Instructions for the Installation Google Market on Kindle Fire

1. Transfer the .apk files to your Kindle Fire device from a PC or a Mac.

2. Now use a file browser app that also support the file navigation on rooted Android devices. You can use the popular Root Explorer but its not necessary as there are some freeware alternatives such as FileExpert among many others. Just make sure that the app allows mounting as RW. Now from the File browsing app (Root Explorer etc.) navigate to the transferred .apk files.

3. Select the GoogleServiceFramework.apk and install it.

4. After completion go back to the file location for Vending.apk

5. Long-press Vending.apk and select the "Move" option on pop-up menu
Navigate to /system/app folder. (instruction may be different if you are using another app instead of Root Explorer, main point is that you need to move the file).

6. Change mount option from RO to RW (read-only to read-write) and Paste Vending.apk into the /system/app folder.

7. Long-press Vending.apk and select "Permissions" from pop-up menu
Change permissions to match all other apps in this folder (rw-r–r—).

8. Install Vending.apk.

9. Reboot your Kindle Fire.

10. After reboot just log-in to Google Android Market as usual.

Please note that you will need to install a third party launcher such as Go Launcher to see and launch the Google Android Market as this will not be visible in the stock Amazon launcher. If you are not sure how to install it then follow the instructions provided here. Note that Go Launcher is also included in the set of apks that are included in the rar file that you need to download in the Requirements section above.


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