How to Download & Install CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) Based on Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy S

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icecreamsandwich cyanogen | How to Download & Install CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) Based on Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy S

Last week we reported that after the release of the AOSP for the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) from Google work has already started for the CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) for different Android devices. Not that much time has passed and we already have the alpha version of the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Based CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) for a number of devices. Most notably CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) unstable build is now available for download for the Samsung Galaxy S. You can download it right now from here. But please keep in mind that this still a very early release and there are features that are missing or not working properly. Here is list of the currently known issues (provided by the developer):

The UI is a little bit laggy (due to lack of hardware composition).
Video recording does not work.
Video playback is not hardware-accelerated.
The front camera produces distorted preview.
Photo taking does not work with the front camera.
Some camera options FC. (The camera is a temporary hack, when the Nexus S ICS source is released, there will be a proper fix.)
Movie Studio does not work.
FM Radio does not work.
USB Tethering on Windows requires the user go to to driver update and manually select the RNDIS driver.
Can select widget on launcher without being on the widget screen *
Persistent "Removed SD card" message on external sd card removal.
Download icon gets stuck in phone signal.
Phone unnecessarily gets data connection on device encryption password enter screen.
WiFi automatically turns on after quitting airplane mode if WiFi was used during airplane mode.
WiFi DNS does not update properly (unverified)
Data Roaming is enabled by default
Alarm Icon does not come up on boot (unverified)
Screen appearing for a split second after screen off animation

This release is meant more for public testing instead of regular daily use on your primary phone. Despite this caution feedback from the early adopters on the original thread at the XDA forums seems rather positive. And there are apparently no major issues. Even the issues mentioned above are expected to be fixed rather quickly.

Installation of the Ice Cream Sandwich Based CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) on your Samsung Galaxy is not very complicated. All you have to do is to first root your device for the obvious reason! then reboot in to recovery using the 3-button combo. Then for your own safety do a Nandroid backup. After that WIPE data/factory reset + wipe cache partition. Finally install/flash the ROM from ClockworkMod. Also you can optionally install the Google add-ons.

In the mean time, have a look at our recent articles: Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Review of Best New Features and as well as: Some Impressive Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Features That You Don’t Know! to get hang of what the recent ICS craze is all about!

For more details, updates and discussions about the installation of CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) on Samsung Galaxy look at this thread at the XDA forums.

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