2 GHz Samsung Exynos 5250 vs Apple A5 vs NVidia Tegra 3 – Who Will be New CPU/GPU King ?

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exynos 5250 | 2 GHz Samsung Exynos 5250 vs Apple A5 vs NVidia Tegra 3 – Who Will be New CPU/GPU King ?

Samsung has recently unveiled the Exynos 5250 SoC – their next-gen SoC which is still a dual-core chip but with a bumped clock frequency of 2GHz based on Cortex-A15 processor while manufacturing is based on 32-nm process. Samsung claims that this version of Exynos is twice as fast as the 1.5 GHz A9 based design that is currently being used despite the fact that chip is still a dual-core design without going to the quad-core route just yet as the NVidia Tegra 3. Exynos 5250 achieves an amazing memory bandwidth of 12.8 GB/s while the SoC can also drive an impressive resolution of 2506×1600! Its also stated that new SoC in the form of Exynos 5250 is fully capable of 1080p video handling at 60fps. Chip will support 3D output using the HDMI 1.4 port, SATA, USB 3.0 and other latest I/O standards. Samsung has stated that Exynos 5250 will mainly be targeted at high-end tablets and will go in to sampling not before second quarter of 2012.

Apart from the basic information that we provided above there is not much that we know about this chip so far. We are not sure that if Exynos 5250 is also the same chip that will be used in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) or it will some other Exynos chip based on a quad-core configuration. Exynos 5250 is expected to have a 50% higher 3D graphics performance which can actually outpace the current king in GPU performance that is Apple A5 that is used in Apple iPad 2 as well as more recent iPhone 4S (although at a down clocked frequency).

Now the real question comes to the mind that how it will compare to the current state of the art in the Android SoC arena – NVidia Tegra 3 which is based on quad-core configuration (also has a 5th core but lower clocked that comes in to action when high-end computation is not required to save power). Recently, we published an article on the early performance numbers of the Tegra 3 and compared it to the Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4S (A5) to see how it stacks up in general computation and GPU muscle. Well,we found out that in general computation it holds up pretty well but falls short in pure synthetic GPU power which plays a key role as far as gamming experience is required on mobile devices. However, it can’t be denied that Tegra 3 is the best that Android world has to offer and surpasses the current performance leaders including the Samsung Exynos SoC present in Samsung Galaxy SII. But based on the currently known information (although scarce at this point in time) we have a feeling that Samsung Exynos 5250 will be able finally surpass both Tegra 3 as well Apple A5 which has long held the performance crown at least in 3D gamming. But only time will tell for sure that if it happens as will as if this is the chip that will used in Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) or it will be some other quad-core configuration based SoC.

Talking about the Samsung’s Exynos and NVidia Tegra don’t forget to have a look at the article: Samsung Galaxy SII (S2): Exynos4210 VS Tegra 2 – Which Version Will Be Better. Also take a look at the article: Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII): More Features Leak in an Internal Presentation! [Rumors].

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    Decent article, just one mistake, the 5250 will have 4x the gpu performance not 50%..rumoured to be a next gen mali t-604.

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