Amazon Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet: Which Budget Android Tablet Deserves Your Cash ?

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Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet | Amazon Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet: Which Budget Android Tablet Deserves Your Cash ?

Amazon Kindle Fire is now available for quite some time and not doubt has gained a lot of love from Android users that needed an inexpensive yet full functional feature-rich tablet. Kindle Fire is an amazing dual-core tablet at a rather unbelievable price-point of $200. In fact, according to some recent reports it has become THE best sold Android tablet and overall second only to the industry benchmark Apple iPad. This really tells something to us – that users love quality tablets that cut minimal corners to meet the low price-points.

No wonder that such a low price point for the Kindle Fire is already putting great pressure on the other tablet manufacturers. Its likely that if the Amazon Kindle Fire gains the same popularity as is expected from it then the other manufacturers might have to reduce their tablet retail prices as well at least in the long-run. In the end, it will benefit consumers as it gives them more choices by bringing competition to the tablet market and helping lowering the entry price-point. But Kindle Fire is not the only player in the budget Android tablet arena as we also have the successor to one of the most popular Android tablet of the last year Nook Color in the form of Nook Tablet. Nook Tablet is available for $250 – the same price point for which we had the original Nook Color. But its still questionable that if Nook Tablet will be able to gain the same popularity that Nook Color enjoyed in its days. Times have changed now as there is now growing competition from other inexpensive tablets that are available with more or less the same feature-set and at similar price points. We can already see that Nook Tablet is having a tough time in sales – thanks to the insane popularity of the cheaper Kindle Fire from Amazon.

In any case, its not to say that Nook Tablet is not worth your money as both Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are great Android budget friendly tablets. Today we are going to provide a review of the key specs, features and price-points of these two top budget tablets so that you can decide on your own which one is best for you.


Both Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are 7-inch small screen tablets with a 1024×600 IPS display. While the weight for Kindle Fire is 413g and 400g for the Nook Tablet. Actually both of them are quite light weight as compared to the industry benchmark Apple iPad 2 which weighs in at 601g. Although iPad 2 is more like a 10-inch (9.7-inch to be precise) tablet.

Raw Processing Power

In terms of the raw horsepower, Kindle Fire has 1GHz T1 OMAP 4 dual-core based processor which provides a plenty of power for running the OS and different apps smoothly. Interestingly, Nook Tablet is also based on the same 1GHz T1 OMAP 4 dual-core. So there is no difference there in terms of CPU type and raw computing power.


This is where things start to become interesting as Kindle Fire only provide 512 MB of internal memory and storage of 8GB to store the data. On the other hand Nook Tablet comes loaded with 1GB of internal memory and 16GB of capacity for data storage. Advantage clearly goes to Nook Tablet here.


Both budget tablets that we are comparing comes without a dedicated camera which shows the budget oriented nature of these tablets. On the other hand, if take a look at the premium tablet such as iPad 2 – it has both a VGA front facing camera and 720p capable rear facing camera. So if you are going to use the tablet for photography, capturing videos or doing any kind of video conferencing then iPad 2 is the device for you and stay away from budget tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet.


Kindle Fire has 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Micro-USB 2.0 support. While Nook Tablet also has 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity support. No “fancy” features such as cellular network connectivity, GPS etc. as on iPad 2!

Mobile OS

In terms of the operating system Kindle Fire is running on modified/customized Android OS which is restrictive in nature and is not supporting the full Google Android Market support to install the vast majority of Android apps. However, there is a lot of freedom to customize this device once its rooted including the Android Market installation. All the remarks mentioned above for the Kindle Fire are equally valid for the Nook Tablet as well. You have the same freedom of customization once the device is rooted.


Now finally coming to the price factor which can be a deciding factor for many users particularly the ones that are short on money. Kindle Fire is available for just $199 while Nook Tablet will set you back $250. Not a huge difference in price and this $50 difference more than makes up in terms of the higher internal memory and more storage space that is available on the Nook Tablet. In any case, both of these tablets are much cheaper than the Apple iPad 2 which will set you back from $499 to $800. This is quite a big difference in price point! Isn’t it?

In the end, its really up to you decide that which device is more suitable for you as both are pretty impressive tablets for the price-point at which they are available. BTW, If you own a Nookcolor and interested in rooting or learning new hacks, tips&tricks for this amazing device then don’t forget to visit the Nook section on our website!

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  • Alecsey

    They say Nook Tablet has 16GB internal memory. But of that memory 3GB reserved for system and software. Of the remaining 13GB — 12GB allocated to content purchased from Barnes & Noble and only 1GB to user’s content which came from third parties.

    My content is books in PDF format in Russian which Barnes & Noble does not carry. So how many books can I fit in a 1GB space? And why is there 12GB useless void on my Nook Tablet? I don’t care about netflix or hulu because I use cablevision.

    B&N tech rep told me that the only way to fix the problem is the use of microSD memory card, and that B&N does not plan any software updates to make more memory available to user content originated from the third parties.

    The big problem with memory card as I discovered it with my old Nook Color as well as with my new Nook Tablet is this: Nook’s shelves that are populated with books from the memory card would go empty after device power off / power on and would have to be re-populated again!

    Also Nook Tablet’s PDF reader is very basic. I had to purchase ezPDF Reader to be able to interact with my ebooks i.e. highlight and annotate.

    I love the tablet for it’s speed and handling of heavy pdf files but I do not appreciate B&N imposing storage restrictions. More importantly I hate when B&N and re-sellers like BestBuy and QVC state 16GB storage capacity for Nook Tablet without mentioning its storage restrictions. I calling it false advertising and I am reporting it to FTC.

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