Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich For Kindle Fire to be Released Soon

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Kindle Fire is one of the hottest Android tablets available currently available providing some of the best value for the money for the consumers looking for cheap yet powerful and capable Android tablet. Particularly those that are not willing to spend a fortune on the Apple iPad 2 or simply want something in the Android arena. Only available for $200 Kindle Fire is already selling like hot cakes although it has been said that Amazon is losing few dollars for each Kindle Fire that is sold. Its because manufacturing cost for it is slightly higher than the price-point at which Amazon is selling it! However considering the Amazon plan to actually make profit through selling services and software through this platform instead of making money outright through selling the tablet for more money makes sense. In fact, this business decision is already proving to be very successful as the Kindle Fire has already become the most successful Android tablet ever and is second only to Apple iPad in the overall tablet market. This provides Amazon with a very successful platform to promote their services, products etc. in the future.

image2 | Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich For Kindle Fire to be Released Soon

In the past, we brought you a number of guides about the Kindle Fire including the rooting guides as well as Android app installation without rooting, and more recently a head-to-head comparison to its main competitor in the budget segment namely Nook Tablet which can be considered a successor to the highly successful Nook Color that we covered extensively in the past. However, as most of you already know that Amazon branded Android OS on the Kindle Fire is quite limited in its nature and provides limited flexibility for the tinkers and tweakers among us. And of course, I can imagine countless users out there that fantasize about the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 experience on this budget tablet. If you happen to be one of these then worry no more as we can tell you one thing for sure that Android 4.0 is coming soon to the Kindle Fire if not right away. There are already some encouraging news pouring-in. Recently a user by the name of g1011999 on YouTube has managed to port the Ice Cream Sandwich to the Kindle Fire. According to the demo video that he posted on the YouTube it seems that hardware acceleration is working well as user experience is smooth. Touch screen also appears to work fine. But for now many of the key modules of the ICS are broken on the Kindle Fire such as Wi-Fi and audio.

Have a look yourself at the video embedded below to get a taste of ICS on Kindle Fire & keep your fingers crossed in anticipation!

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