Download Torrents on iPhone/iOS Devices Using iTransmission

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There are already a number of ways that a user can monitor the torrent download on his or her PC from a mobile device. But what if you want to download the torrents on your smartphone? – in particular on an iOS platform such as iPhone! There are some choices that we mentioned in the past for jailbroken phones to do but iTransmission seems to be the best option yet. iTransmission of course requires a jailbroken iDevice and you can actually download the latest IPA file form the Google Repository on official homepage. I am not sure that if its currently available on the Cydia because that might be the easiest option to download and install it.

While it might not be a wise idea to download large file on your small and limited capacity iPhone but on the other hand there are indeed some practical use cases where ability to download torrents on  a mobile device can come handy. For example, music files or movies and some other media types along the same lines. iTransmission seems to be the best app available for the iDevices to do so. Process to download the torrent files after the installation of the app is quite typical of what you will follow on a desktop such as a Windows PC with popular clients like uTorrent. First copy link to the torrent file (or a magnet link) and then add it to iTransmission using the plus sign to add it (see fig. below). iTransmission will download the torrent for you and downloaded data can be accessed by using a file navigation utility on a jailbroken device like iFile.

iOS Torrent Download 2 | Download Torrents on iPhone/iOS Devices Using iTransmissioniOS Torrent Download | Download Torrents on iPhone/iOS Devices Using iTransmission

Here are key features of iTransmission as mentioned by the developers:

  • Adding task from torrent URL, magnet or local file system.
  • Transmission’s web interface.
  • Automatic port mapping (UPnP) for users behind routers.
  • Choosing which network interface (Cellular network or Wi-Fi) to use.
  • Connection and speed limits
  • Pretty UI

iTransmission includes common features such as bandwidth capping, port forwarding similar to the popular desktop counterparts. iTransmission should work with the iOS 4 and above. Download the latest version from here.


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