Enable Disabled Windows 8 Features Using BluePoison

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Windows 8 is expected to be pack full of new innovative features that is sure to leave all spell bound. The renowned OS brand has already released an early version of Windows 8 on a prototype tablet, and the Developer Preview can be downloaded by any person. This sneak peak of the OS that is still in developmental stage is available for download in 3 versions: a 64-bit version and a 32-bit version with only the OS, and a 64-bit version that includes developer tools. Windows 8 includes a set of many visual as well as underlying changes as compared to the Windows 7 including but not limited to a much more refined modern task manager, a PDF reader built-in, an immersive browser, Metro UI, Ribbon interface more tightly integrated in different applications. Of course, Windows 8 will be the first version to support ARM based processors as well as significantly enhanced support for the touch-screen based devices such as tablets.

Windows 8  thumb | Enable Disabled Windows 8 Features Using BluePoison

If you are playing around with a beta build of Windows 8 and kind of frustrated by the Microsoft’s habit of disabling some experimental features you will love a free tool called BluePoison. BluePoison is very nice tool that supports a variety of convenient features among the most useful is the ability to enable the disabled Windows 8 features such as Application folder, Immersive Start Menu and so on. BluePoison can also be used to download the latest builds of Windows 8 and Office 15.

Windows 8 2 thumb | Enable Disabled Windows 8 Features Using BluePoison

Here are the key features of the BluePoison as provided by the developers:

  • Download the latest build of Windows 8 and Office 15, and consult the installation guides.
  • Refer to the build-list, constantly updated, the development of Windows 8 [this function will be reintroduced in the next version].
  • Unlock the Applications folder (BluePoison 1.x and 2.x).
  • Disable the Start Menu Immersive (BluePoison 1.x and 2.x).
  • Metro also activate the snap on screens smaller than those supported (BluePoison 2.x).
  • Unlock the Ribbon interface (UI BluePoison 1.x).
  • Unlock the Modern Task Manager (1.x BluePoison).
  • Unlock the Modern Reader (BluePoison 1.x).
  • Unlock the theme Auto Color (BluePoison 1.x).
  • Webcam unlock the application (BluePoison 1.x).
  • Unlock the Immersive Browser (BluePoison 1.x).
  • Unlock Pattern Logon (BluePoison 1.x).
  • Unlock the Logon Metro (BluePoison 1.x).
  • Start Moorea in Office 15 (BluePoison 1.x and 2.x).

Latest version of the BluePoison can be downloaded from the official website.

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