Download and Flash MIUI 2.3.7 Beta on HP Touchpad [Instructions]

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HP TouchPad has been long discontinued by HP and back then was released for a fire sale at an unbelievable price tag of $99. This forced many tablet fans to rush and buy these devices that couldn’t afford the more expensive tablets from the likes of Apple and Samsung etc. Inventory quickly emptied. Despite the fact that HP released it at such a low price to clear its stock HP TouchPad is a very capable device and supports a powerful dual core Snapdragon S3 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, 16 GB or 32GB internal memory, a 1.3 MP camera, Adreno 220 based graphics. I other words, all the key essential capabilities are there you could ask from a tablet in these days. What more you can ask for from a tablet that is selling for a mere $99 on sale. Of course, there was still a notable drawback for many users, more specifically it came with the WebOS NOT with the much more powerful and feature-rich Android OS that we all have got accustomed to.

shot 000001 thumb | Download and Flash MIUI 2.3.7 Beta on HP Touchpad [Instructions]

Considering the popularity of the device it didn’t take long for the developer community to start working on working Android ports for the HP Touchpad. In the past, we covered the development activity of CM 7 for the HP Touchpad. And now the latest news is that beta version of the MIUI 2.3.7 is available for download and installation on HP Touchpad. Actually, this beta version is quite promising as most of the stuff is working such as Touch screen, audio, Bluetooth and so on. Considering the quality of the current beta version of the MIUI it shouldn’t take much time to release the final version for all the HP Touchpad owners out there.


    All sensors
    Wired earphone/headphone
    MIUI Backup (don’t backup contacts)
    MIUI Themes

Not Working:

    No On-Screen Menu (working on it)
    Other Random Bugs

There are some detailed instructions available on XDA forum thread for the installation of this latest beta of MIUI 2.3.7 on HP Touchpad:

1) PC ( windows, mac or Linux) with working Internet
2) HP Touchpad ( obviously) and the usb cable that came with it.
3) Good Reading skills ( I am serious).
4) Read this guide twice if you have to.
Step 0:
Get your pre flash jitters out and think twice. This will root your device and hence your warranty will be void after the flash. If you still want to flash, back up your current HP touchpad. Figure out which way is your volume up button ( you will need for step 4) and proceed to step 1
Step 1:
Make sure you have at least 2GB of free space in your touchpad. Download the following files from here
1)Moboot bootloader for multi boot
2) Alpha Rom
3)Clockwork Mod Recovery
Once done, go to step 2 below;
Step 2:
1)Acme Installer from here
2) HP WebOS SDK for windows, mac or linux
3) Follow the links above to install the full SDK or just the Novacom driver which is all that is required. If you are not sure, install the full SDK.
on to step 3 now.
Step 3:
1) Connect Touchpad to PC with the USB cable that came with it and select USB Drive option.
2) Once the Touchpad pops up on your screen, create a folder called cminstall and put the files you downloaded in Step 1 there.
3) Eject/Safely remove touchpad from the pc, remove the USB cable from pc and shutdown touchpad, then go to step 4.
Step 4:
1) Do you know which way is your volume up button? if you are not sure then you are not paying attention to this guide. To figure out which way, boot to webOS, figure it out and shutdown.
2)Hold the volume up button and press power button simultaneously. You should see a white USB symbol.
3)Connect the USB cable back to pc and if the Novacom drivers were properly installed, the driver will be automatically detected and installed.
Step 5:
Almost there, time to install now.
Extract the Acme Installer you downloaded in Step 2 to your desktop or wherever you want. Open up cmd ( in windows) or terminal ( in linux or mac). cd to the directory where you just extracted your Acme and go to step 6 for install.
Step 6:
Now type this in the command prompt after you have done cd
novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

For more details and discussion on the progress of the MIUI ROM port for HP Touchpad head over to the thread at the XDA forums.

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