Install Android 4.0 CyanogenMod 9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on Nook Color

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nookcolor | Install Android 4.0 CyanogenMod 9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on Nook Color

Nook Color has to be one of the most popular tablets of the yester years long before we were hit by the awesome Kindle Fire. It was quick hit with the system tweakers and modders after its release, and since then we have seen a plethora of custom Android ROM installation guides ranging from Gingerbread, MIUI, CyanogenMod among other ROM and not to mention many system and performance tweaks. Although, more recently our beloved single-core and underpowered Nook Color has been overshadowed by the more recent competition – e.g. release of Kindle Fire which is dual-core and is available at the same price point of $199 at which Nook Color was originally available. And not mention the recent release of the Nook Tablet by the B&N itself which proved to be another punch for the popularity of the now aging Nook Color.

Its been a long time we reported any thing new about the Nook Color since we didn’t have any worthy updates in the rooting arena and they were getting fewer and far between. But not any more, as today we have an exciting news to share with you regarding the Nook Color. Specifically, a new CyanogenMod 9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) ROM port for the Nook Color has been available to flash on your beloved tablet from B&N. Despite the beta nature of this CM9/ICS ROM port currently, it seems to be quite functional as most of the important system components are working well.

According to the developer following stuff is working well:

* bluetooth (pairing/file transfer only confirmed)
* wifi (full it seems but it’s brand-new to the kernel so who knows how stable anything is)
* backlight
* accelerometer
* improved stability (but not perfect)
* gapps
* setcpu/overclock
* real data usage info (not stubbed out)
* battery levels/charging
* physical menu button
* touchscreen
* 3d games
* usb gadget in kernel (adb debugging shows up) *with experimental kernel*

If you are feeling chilly and want to play around with the latest and greatest from Google in Mobile OS arena on your Nook Color device then head to the relevant forum thread at the XDA for the installation guide and recent updates, discussion etc. However, be warned that at this time the installation process seems to be pretty involved, and only experienced Nook Color modders/tweakers need apply! If you own a Nookcolor and interested in rooting or learning new hacks, tips&tricks for this amazing device then don’t forget to visit the Nook section on our website!

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