Access iOS 5 Multitasking Feature Directly From Notification Centre Using WeeSpaces [Cydia Tweak]

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New notification system in iOS 5 has striking similarity to one that is available on Android for quite some time. Its pitched as one of the key features of the new iOS 5 release due to the fact that it’s a huge improvement over the super annoying popup – on your face notifications system in earlier iOS 4.x releases. A lot has been said and discussed about the Notification Center in the past. Since its introduction a lot of Cydia tweaks has popped up all around the places which adds new custom widgets to the iOS 5 Notification Centre to enhance the functionality and make it even more useful than what it is. We have covered a lot of iOS 5 Notification Center widgets (actually kind of Cydia tweaks) in the past including the UISettingsWeeTwitter, WidgetTask, MusicCenter, SpringPrefs,RSSWidget to name a few – and of course WeeFacebook  for all the Facebook lovers out there! If you are really in love to the iOS 5 Notification Centre then we will point to this fabulous article: Ultimate Compilation of Best iOS 5 Notification Centre Widgets.

image7 | Access iOS 5 Multitasking Feature Directly From Notification Centre Using WeeSpaces [Cydia Tweak]

I recently discovered an interesting new widget named WeeSpaces for the Notification Center that allows to access the multi-tasking feature of the iOS 5 directly through a custom widget placed in Notification Center instead of usual double-tapping Home button and then switching to the desired application in the background from the list of background running apps that appear at the bottom in a multi-tasking bar. WeeSpaces basically can be used to access Springboard pages or background apps through the scrollable widget. It shows the snapshots of the all the running apps for the user preview when switching.

WeeSpaces widget is available for free and can be downloaded by adding BigBoss repo to the Cydia sources. Of course, you will need to have jailbroken iPhone or any other iDevice on iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1. If you want to jailbreak and then unlock your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0.1 while preserving the baseband of your device then follow our guides that we posted earlier:

If you want to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 on your iDevice but NOT concerned about preserving the baseband of your iDevice then please follow our guide:

Check out more awesome Cydia tweaks and apps in the Cydia section on our website!

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