Download & Install Custom iOS 5 IPSW Firmware To iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G/2G via Whited00r 5.1

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Whited00r provides customized latest iOS firmware’s (i.e., iOS 5) that can’t be installed on older iDevices such as iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and old iPod Touch devices on which Apple has already closed the doors in terms of latest iOS support. Latest version Whited00r 5.1 has been released recently that allows to get the iOS 5 features of the iPhone 4/3GS/4S etc. on your poor old above mentioned iDevices that have long been neglected by the latest iOS firmware updates. Most of the iOS 5 features are supported including the multitasking, reminders, Newsstand, ability to set custom wallpapers and many other features. However, iOS 5 notification center has been removed because of the extensive use of the memory particularly straining on the older gen iDevices. Furthermore, note that you won’t be able to use the Apple App store on the older iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G/2G because of the support of these devices have been removed by Apple from the App store. You can get the Whited00r 5.1 ipsw for free for your specific device from the official website of the project.

captured Image4.png4 | Download & Install  Custom iOS 5 IPSW Firmware To iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G/2G via Whited00r 5.1

Please note that Whited00r 5.1 is available for free and don’t require your device to be jailbroken. You just need to download the custom iOS 5 ipsw file matching your device and restore it through iTunes on your device. Very clear installation instructions are provided here if you are not sure on how to use. Its preferred to use a clean installation to avoid any troubles. Finally here is (partial) changelog of the Whited00r 5.1:

- Cydia 1.1.3 Preinstalled (last stable release)
- YouTube certificates needed for hacktivated device
- PNGs optimization for native apps and global GUI
- Improved Brightness menu
- New Touch Menu for user with problems to touch screen
- Reset menu modded: reset a jailbroken device causes problems
- Custom whited00r Copyright page
- iOS5 animated Bootlogo ready for LogoMii (not installed by default)
- iOS5 shadows included in default wallpapers (good looking without slow down the device)
- Wallpaper on HomeScreen (thanks to Darlo770)
- iOS4 wallpapers set by default (ready at the first boot)
- iOS5.1 wallpapers included (ported from iPad firmware)

Whited00r 5.1 is available for the following devices:

- iPhone 2G
- iPhone 3G
- iPod Touch 1G
- iPod Touch 2G

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