Save Your Current Tabs Session to Restore Later in iOS 5 Safari For iPhone and iPad [Cydia Tweak]

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cydia3 | Save Your Current Tabs Session to Restore Later in iOS 5 Safari For iPhone and iPad [Cydia Tweak]There are so many advantages for which an iOS device user might want to jailbreak his/her device including custom theme installations, wi-fi tethering, more flexible app backups, modification or enhancements to core Apps such as notification system, spring-board, custom toggles, unlocking the device etc.. There are countless other benefits of course and considering this there is no wonder that there was so much excitement when the untethered jailbreak for the iOS 5.0.1 on newer A5 based devices was released a few days back. If you are willing to sacrifice some of the stability on your iDevice for a lot of extra functionality and tweaks and enhancements then jailbreaking your iDevice can be well worth it. Particularly these days most of the jailbreak tools available such as Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze and the recent one GreenPois0n Absinthe are really very simple to operate even by a novice user. Once you jailbreak you device then there is vast collection of Cydia apps and tweaks that are awaiting for your attention in the Cydia store to be explored. While some of the more useful apps are available in paid versions only but most of the them are available for free, And even in case of paid Cydia apps usually there is a small amount of money that is charged by the developer to compensate for the amount of effort and time he put to bring some useful features to the table for the jailbroken iDevices.

sessionfiend1 | Save Your Current Tabs Session to Restore Later in iOS 5 Safari For iPhone and iPad [Cydia Tweak]sessionfiend3 | Save Your Current Tabs Session to Restore Later in iOS 5 Safari For iPhone and iPad [Cydia Tweak]

Such is the case for the SessionFiend a recently released jailbreak tweak available through Cydia that makes Apple Safari on iOS much more useful. By default we all know that Safari the stock browser on iOS devices is quite limited. One of the key omissions that I am sure many users might have noticed is there is no function that allows to save the current tab session in the browser and restore it later for reading. This feature could come quite handy for many users. This is the exact feature that is added to Safari by the SessionFiend Cydia tweak! and it does this with a very native look&feel in the Safari browser. SessionFiend is basically a fully featured session manager for Safari that allows you to save, edit and restore a group of tabs with ease. It integrates flawlessly into Safari’s bookmark list for a native, built in feel.

You can download the SessionFiend for an introductory time-limited price of $1 from the Cydia. Note that while SessionFiend is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, it only works on iOS 5 based devices. Of course you will need to have a jailbroken iDevice on iOS 5! Please have a look in the jailbreak section on our website to get latest guides to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad on the iOS 5/5.0.1. Check out more awesome Cydia tweaks and apps in the Cydia section on our website!

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