iPhone 5 to be Released in June at WWDC 2012 [Report]

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apple iphone 5 | iPhone 5 to be Released in June at WWDC 2012 [Report]

A report from Daiwa Securities mentions that the highly anticipated “true” next-gen iPhone 5 will be released by Apple in June this year (2012) at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). The same event at which Apple released the earlier iPhones except for the iPhone 4S for which it deviated from the tradition and was released few months later (Oct 2011) in the last year. Actually this rumor aligns well with some earlier reports/rumors were also pointing in the direction of summer release of the iPhone 5. If these rumors hold true than it implies a much shorter life-span for the iPhone 4S as the “flagship iPhone device” from Apple as compared to the earlier iPhone 4. There are also reports that iPhone 5 will deploy glass-to-glass technology benefiting TPK Holding and Wintek. This is again seems related to yet another rumor that was circulating around the web that iPhone will support a larger 4-inch display to cope with an array of Android devices bursting to the scene with the large HD displays making current Apple iPhone seem a much tiny device. I would say that I will love Apple to go this route as this is one of the most wanted feature in the new iPhone 5 in my book and hopefully also high on many peoples wish list for the new flagship from the mobile industry giant.

iPhone 5 in addition to the above is also expected to come packed with the radically different new more “curved” design, an Apple A6 quad-core based chip right at the heart of the new device, more RAM, more integrated memory, possible NFC implementation, a new more refined iOS 5 version to support the new (yet unknown probably exclusive) features of the iPhone 5. Its also expected by many analysts that new Apple mobile device will be a world phone including support for true 4G technologies. Personally, I also expect that iPhone 5 will likely come with a much refined version of the Siri that will be even more impressive than what we have seen on iPhone 4S.

captured Image.png | iPhone 5 to be Released in June at WWDC 2012 [Report]

Considering the quantity and quality of new features that are being expected from the upcoming iPhone 5 we just can’t do anything else but keep our fingers crossed in anticipation! Dates for the planned WWDC event haven’t been announced yet but its likely to be in June 11-15th time-frame if the earlier leaks are any indication. You can follow all iPhone 5 release and features related rumors in the relevant iPhone 5 section on our website.


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