Unless you have been living in a cave, you must have heard about the latest offering in the Android world by Samsung, their Galaxy S2 (SII). It has an extensive feature set and with its high performance, holds the crown in the Android world at this moment. Comparisons are being drawn with the iPhone 4, but now we think its real competition will actually be the upcoming iPhone 5. Both of these smartphones are not available in US at this moment, but they represent the cream of the crop. Here we do a quick comparison of the Galaxy S2 (SII) Read More >


As we covered previously, it is almost confirmed at this point that Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) will come in two flavors: with a Samsung manufactured Exynos 4210 and also with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 SoC (system-on-a-chip). Now if you are eagerly waiting for Galaxy SII (S2), you would surely want to know which version is better and which one to spend all your hard earned cash on. In this article, we will compare Exynos 4210 vs Tegra 2 and see which one comes out at top. Now, just to clarify both Exynos 4210 and Tegra 2 refer to System-on-a-chip (SoC). These Read More >


People have always complained about the boot up and loading times of Firefox. Some time ago, we mentioned a script which could speed up Firefox loading times in half. Now if you are using Firefox 4 and still feel like things are not speedy enough, we have a new patch for you. Described by its developers as the “hackiest” hack ever for Firefox. It is claimed to decrease the start-up time for Firefox by 50%. This add-on is known as “Start Faster” and is currently available for Firefox 4.0b10pre and up. It uses low level Windows API to increase boot Read More >


I am sure all of you must be very familiar with Bejeweled and its formula. There are tons of games available on different platforms which follow the same formula. However, Hextacy is one of the finest games utilizing the bejeweled formula on Android phones. In Hextacy, instead of using square grids, you use hexagonal grids and tried to match up more than 3 similar blocks at one time. You use your finger to slide across the grid and then see how many turns you can last. The game features really crisp and smooth graphics which is one of the main Read More >


Yes, you have read it right. In just 4 months since its release, COD Black Ops has become the all-time highest selling game in US. This is based on numbers released by the NPD group recently. Developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, COD: Black Ops is the mega hit sequel and 7th installment in the Call of Duty series. It has so far sold over 13.7 million copies in US alone. It has replaced “Wii Play” in the charts as the number one selling game in US. As we mentioned previously, COD: Black Ops was also the top XBOX Read More >


PlayStation  (PS) Suite is Sony’s upcoming platform for Android Devices which will feature PSone and other PSN games optimized for Android Smartphones. You can read more about the PlayStation (PS) suite over here. Now in an interesting move, Tegra Zone has announced the PlayStation (PS) Suite will be available on Android devices running Tegra 2 processor later this year. Tegra Zone is Nvidia’s official app for Android devices which offers apps and games which fully utilize the potential of Tegra processor, touted by Nvidia as “world’s first mobile super chip.”   This means that devices like Motorola Xoom and Motorola Read More >


So it has been confirmed by multiple news sites, that Samsung Galaxy S2, also known as SII, will come in two different flavors. Originally, it was rumored to feature Samsung’s own Exynos processor. However, recent reports point that there will be builds of Galaxy S2 (SII) featuring NVidia’s Tegra 2 processor. In case you are not familiar, Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) is the premier Android smartphone to be released this year. It appears that this is mainly related to the supply of the Exynos processor. Samsung is estimated to almost quadruple the production of Exynos, however, more than half of Read More >


  Who would have thought that we would need an Antivirus for smart phones one day. Well, that day is here now. It is even more important now a days, ,that every sensitive information is now stored on our smart phones, ranging from bank account information to our emails. In fact, this threat becomes even more real, when you realize that there are seemingly benign apps available on Android market which can steal your personal information and hijack your phone. Welcome to LookOut, A free security software for mobile platforms which will scan the downloaded files on your phone for Read More >


Hi folks, so you have bought a new shiny android phone and after using it for 4 hours you realize that the battery has dropped down to 40%. Hmm, and now in search of an answer you have came across this thread.  So basically we will give you some useful Tips&Tricks over here and also try to dispel some common myths about improving battery life of android phone. And remember that you have bought this new smartphone to enjoy it, so if someone tells you to save battery by not watching videos/not surfing the internet/not using the GPS then don’t Read More >


iOS 4.3 will carry a lot of new features including AirPlay, Side Switch Toggle, New, iTunes Home Sharing, Cancel Application Installation in progress, Customize Alerts for Messages, Wait Button, Push Notification, Parental Controls and many more. Final build of iOS 4.3 will be released on March 11th but for now you can enjoy iOS 4.3GM on your 3GS iPhone. However every time you will start your iPhone you will need to reboot it into jailbreak mode using tethered boot utility (re-jailbreak it every time you restart your phone) because custom iOS 4.3 GM is available tethered mode only. You can Read More >

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