Plants vs. Zombies was still is one of the best games on the PC delivered by PopCap Games. And this is one of the games that made them so famous and profitable as they are these days. This extremely popular game has already been available on the iOS and now the developers have finally ported to the Android. Indeed an exciting news… Note that due to the holiday sales you can get this game for discount along with a handful of other games like Tetris, SimCity Deluxe, and more – up to 65% off during this time! So hurry up Read More >


It looks like there are a lot of free games/apps offers during the Christmas time. Earlier we mentioned that Android users can download more than 100 apps/games for free from GetJar which would normally cost money. And now there is Samsung that announced on their Facebook page a handful of paid full version Android games for free for Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy SII (S2) users. If its not available yet in your regions then you can try the Market Enabler tool to try with another region. Here is the list of paid games that are available for free: Air Read More >


GetJar a well known mobile app distribution platform and an alternative to the Android Market is running a fantastic deal these days. Namely they are offering more than 100 paid Android apps for free! This indeed seems to be too good to be true. And these are not your average low quality apps/games as there are some really popular titles included in the offer that would normally cost a lot more money and now you can download for free. There is no mention that for how much time this deal will last and most of the deals here last for Read More >


With the passage of time, we can observe that finally Android games market is getting much better as more and more games new and some of the games from iOS are being ported to the Android Market. Burn the Rope is one such good game with a simple concept but very addictive in gameplay. Now its successor Burn the Rope Worlds is available, and the best thing is you can get it for free as it’s ad supported. Just like the gameplay style pretty similar. There are 100 brand new levels in the Burn the Rope Worlds,  four different themed Read More >


Sony and Microsoft are set to lock horns once more with PlayStation 4 and Xbox respectively, in 2012. Sony’s PlayStation series have always recorded off the charts sales, and Microsoft’s retaliation in the form of Xbox failed to create any setback in the sales of PSs across the world. The latest version of PS, the uber popular PS 3 is reported to have sold more than 50 million units worldwide, since its entry into the global market in November 2006, as of March 2011. PS 4 is expected to be a stepped up version of PS 3 and most of Read More >

Tetris 2

Tetris is one of the most well known and classical puzzle games available virtually on every platform either its PC, gaming consoles or handhelds. Its been available on the iOS platform for quite some time as well as on the Android. However, previously for the version available on the Android you had to pay. Now EA has released a free version of the game on the Android Market for you Tetris fans out there to enjoy when you are on the move. However, there are some limitations on the free version of the Tetris for example, only Classic mode of Read More >

Fantasy Football 2011 2

If you are a NFL fantasy football player? If yes then you will love to know that official Android app for the NFL Fantasy is now live, and now you can do all the team management from the comfort of your Android device while on the go! This application has features for all the common tasks to manage your team such as: • Join or create a league • Check live fantasy scoring • Sit/Start and Add/Drop players • Propose and accept trades • Read up-to-the minute player news • Manage teams in multiple leagues Download Fantasy Football 2011 Read More >

PS3 Controller

Traditionally, a large library of games in all key categories happen to be the strong point of iTunes App store and it still happens to be the strength of the iOS platform with a massive collection of games both freeware and paid ones to choose from the iTunes App store. However, in the meantime there is no doubt that Android Market has covered some ground and strengthened it library of games. In particular, there are a number of A+ titles that traditionally happened to be only available for the iOS devices are now also available for the Android. While there Read More >

Cut The Rope 1

Cut The Rope is one of the most popular games in the iTunes App Store for the iOS based devices. Since the release this game has enjoyed immense success as there are already millions of downloads of the game on the iOS platform. Now Cut the Rope: Experiments is available for download for both iPhone and iPad. Game features the same addictive gameplay and catchy graphics that made the original so popular. There are 75 new levels and and 3 level packs also including new sounds. Cut the Rope: Experiments combines the same rope-cutting and monster-feeding action that millions of Read More >


Fruit Ninja is a very popular fun game originally released for the Apple iOS platform sometime ago, where it became extremely popular, and quickly climbed the popularity charts in the iTunes App store. Later it was ported to the Android platform and gained the same popularity there. The worldwide smash hit Fruit Ninja is now on Android for FREE! Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash. Swipe up across the screen to deliciously slash fruit like a true ninja warrior. With three Read More >

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