Cut The Rope is one the most popular games in the iTunes App Store for the iOS based devices. Since the release this game has enjoyed immense success as there are already millions of downloads of the game on the iOS platform. Now finally the game is also available on Android as well. You can get the paid version of the game from the Android Market here, and this is reasonably priced for only $0.99. However, the good news is that if you want you can also get it for free version right now! As the Cut The Rope APK Read More >


A pretty common problem faced by many Android users particularly the ones that like to tinker a lot with their device such as flashing new custom ROMs is the loss of all the progress made in the installed games such as Angry Birds. As no data is backed up for these games. That means you have to start from scratch and that is not a good idea you know for such a lengthy and a difficult game! Here is a nice little trick to backup/restore your Angry Birds data on your Android device shared by mingkee from XDA forums. It Read More >


This year’s E3 was one of the greatest I think. We have seen some really exciting games coming on all major platforms. Even more impressive is the fact that most of the games that I think most interesting are also coming to the PC as well. So, this time PC is not ignored as much by the developers as I expected. Not to mention the announcements regarding the next-gen hardware from Nintendo as well as Sony. But that is a story for another day. Today is finally the last day of E3. I believe, I have seen all the best Read More >


Ok this is one heck of a deal brought in by Microsoft to speedup or bring some momentum to the otherwise slowing PC sales market. Basic idea by Microsoft is that if you are a student and have a .edu domain email address (or a valid student ID card to verify), reside in US and buy a Windows 7 PC, you can get a free Xbox 360 Slim 4GB console for free! This promotion will start from tomorrow (May 22nd) and will end on September 3rd or until supplies last. BTW Retail price for the Xbox 360 Slim 4GB otherwise Read More >


It is just a few days ago that Angry Birds was released for the Google Chrome and there it is. A clever guy at the WesBos has managed to unlock all the levels in the Angry Birds Chrome HTML 5 based version! This also includes the levels that are exclusive to the Google Chrome. Hack is actually based on the fact that Angry Birds for Google Chrome uses HTML 5 based local storage to keep track of the player progress (score and stars). So, a little JavaScript trickery can help to manipulate this storage to unlock all the levels! To Read More >


Insanely popular Angry Birds game is now available for free if you have Google Chrome browser! Game uses WebGL API for the graphics and stores a local cache to give you the uninterrupted play incase you go offline. Mighty Eagle add-on will be available using new Google Payments in-app purchasing feature at some time in future. If you are on another browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can still enjoy the game! Although the additional content might be exclusive to the Google Chrome. Since it is browser based you should be able to play it on all major Read More >


Xbox and Xbox 360 users who have the ISO images saved for the purchased games might want to burn these images to DVDs to play games on their respective console. Of course, there are already some very nice CD/DVD burning tools available such as the free ImgBurn and Infra Recorder that can be used to burn game ISO images for both Xbox and Xbox 360. But the problem is most of these tools are more general purpose and can be very complicated for the new users. As a result probability of burning a faulty DVD is high. A tool called Read More >


Well, these days Apple in general, and anything related to iDevices in particularly is in full swing in terms of popularity. All of us no doubt have heard stories of developers that made millions by selling their iPhone based games in the Apple App store. And many of us fancy to be one of them. Of course, there is no harm to try. Although, iPhone application market in general and game market in particular is far more saturated and competitive than the good old days. This is mainly because there are thousands of thousands of games available for a very Read More >

Here is the result of IGF 2011 awards with the winners in boldface. Student Showcase Award: e7 FRACT GLiD OctoDad PaperPlane Solace Tiny and Big Toys Technical Excellence: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Confetti Carnival Miegakure Minecraft Neverdaunt:8Bit Excellence in Design: Desktop Dungeons Faraway Mincraft Nidhogg Super Crate Box Best Mobile Games: Colorbind Halcyon Helsing’s Fire Shot Shot Shoot Solipskier Excellence in Visual Art: Bastion Bit.Trip Runner Cave Story (2010 edition) The Dream Machine Hohokum Excellence in Audio: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Bastion Bit.Trip Beat Cobalt Retro City Rampage Audience Award: Minecraft Direct2Drive Vision Award: Flotilla Confetti Carnival Hazard: The Journey Read More >


I am sure all of you must be very familiar with Bejeweled and its formula. There are tons of games available on different platforms which follow the same formula. However, Hextacy is one of the finest games utilizing the bejeweled formula on Android phones. In Hextacy, instead of using square grids, you use hexagonal grids and tried to match up more than 3 similar blocks at one time. You use your finger to slide across the grid and then see how many turns you can last. The game features really crisp and smooth graphics which is one of the main Read More >

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