Box some time offers really sweet deals. Last year they offered 50GB of free cloud storage space to the iOS users and now this year they are offering the similar deal to the Android users! What Android users have to do to get this 50GB space is to install the updated Box app from the Market and log-in to the application. This deal is valid until March 23, 2012. So if you want to avail this deal hurry-up! 50 GB of storage space that is provided this way to the users is accessible from everywhere – not only Android. Also Read More >


Android OS for the smartphones and now for the tablets as well in the form of Honeycomb is one of the most successful mobile OS ever. According to the recent statistics from the various sources mobile phones fitted with Android based operating system are growing at  a rapid pace and there are no signs of slowing down according to the recent figures. As long as devices like Samsung Galaxy S2 continue to come out Android popularity will continue to increase. More recently there is a lot of anticipation for the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) that will unify the smartphone Read More >


Setting appropriate privacy levels on multiple computers while syncing data on Dropbox can get quite complicated. Having been a Sys-admin myself for a lot of years, experience has taught me never to underestimate the chance of a privacy breach when it comes to data. Even by protecting important ‘eyes only’ information by placing it on a system that isn’t connected to the network, people tend to forget one basic fact- the system administrator is all powerful! It only makes sense therefore, to use flash drives to store important data and use it only when required. Resolving the crisis Dropbox Portable Read More >


If you want to share large files online through the Internet with your friends or relatives, one of the most popular ways is Dropbox. Dropbox allows to share 2GB data using its free account. Well for many users, sharing documents and images it might be enough, but what if you want to share large videos or some other huge data? Then Dropbox service will not cut it. Also, for the Dropbox you have to first register for the service and setup. Although, its true that Dropbox (or other similar services) is more suitable in some other scenarios such as when Read More >


If you want to watch live sport events on your computer through the Internet you have many choices because there are a number of applications that you can download for free and allows to browse through the many live TV channels broadcasted from many countries. However, problem is you have to install an extra application. What if you want to watch a live sport event right from with in your web browser. Well, if you are on the Google Chrome then luckily there is a nice free extension available appropriately called Live Score that allows to browse and watch live Read More >


As expected, after running the Firefox 6 for some time through the beta channel Mozilla has finally pushed the final version of the browser through the FTP servers. I have been using the Firefox 6.o through the beta channel for quite some time. One of the most noticeable improvements that you will experience as a user is the startup/boot speed that has been significantly enhanced. As a result it takes much less time for the Firefox 6.0 to boot from a cold start. Also, due to the internal optimizations by the Mozilla team and filling-in some memory leak holes memory Read More >


Facebook recently introduced a brand new video chat feature to their service which uses the Skype infrastructure to do so. In relation to this big feature they also introduced a number of visual changes to the interface. One of the most notable is the introduction of the vertical sidebar on the right side in the main interface. It houses the list of all the contacts of the users that are currently available for chat, and can be very convenient fro the users that plan to use this feature extensively. However for the most other users this vertical sidebar may be Read More >


These days Google’s brain child Google+ – a social website considered by many as the direct competitor to the Facebook is making waves around the Internet. Currently the service is in trial testing and is evolving rather quickly both in terms of feature set and stability. We expect this evolution to continue in the coming months to put a threat to the already mature Facebook. Guys at the technobombs has come up with a  fairly detailed Infographic to compare the key features of the Facebook to the Google+ to expose the strengths and weaknesses of both products when compared to Read More >


Finally Google+ application for the iPhone has been approved by Apple and available for download via the iTunes App store for the iDevices. Until now only the Android users had the privilege of a native app for the Google+ on their Android devices. Google+ app for the iPhone includes almost all the features of its Android counterpart. From some user feedback until now it seems that application is not very stable and there are some crashes here and there. Hopefully these issues will be fixed as time will progress, and application will mature. No you can enjoy all your favorite Read More >


These days all the fuzz is about the Google+ a new social service in the same vein as Facebook. Although it has been just recently introduced, and for now seems to be available based on the invitations only, but it has already gained some following as some consider this to be more adoptable and usable for them than the Facebook. In any case competition is always good as now Facebook is also feeling the heat and has just recently introduced voice conversation facility right from the Facebook interface with the collaboration with Skype. However, with all the effort that Facebook Read More >

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