We all know that iPhone App market is absolutely huge, now supporting well over 300,000 applications and games. You can see all kinds of apps there ranging from very useful ones to the ones are just plain crap. With this much variety and diversity in apps its no wonder that every now and then you come cross some bizarre applications that makes you smile if not anything else. Yesterday, I was just digging through the iTunes App Store and found a really interesting application named MyRazor. Well, as the name say it out this application is expected to give your Read More >

Steve Jobs

Some pictures of the Steve Jobs has appeared on the TMZ after his resignation from Apple. More precisely these pictures are claimed to be two after his resignation. From these pictures as you can see below he indeed looks ill. You might remember from his resignation letter that this is what he said: "I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come."   After looking at these pictures it seems more clear Read More >


As you might already know that it was revealed earlier that Apple is planning to build one of the coolest office buildings ever in Cuptertino. At that time the details were a bit sketchy, but now some more details have emerged. TechCrunch is reporting that building this office premises in Cuptertino for Apple has already been approved, and now its just a matter of time when all this will become a reality! There are amazing images that have been released that gives an idea about the gorgeous design of the Apple’s HQ facility. According to the current known details it Read More >


There is an extremely sad news circulating & making rounds round the net about a 16year old boy that killed his mother Rashida Anderson when she took away his PlayStation. This incident happened in the last November in Philadelphia – they day after the Thanksgiving day when there was one and a half hour argument between Kendall and his mother.  According to the police his mother went to the sleep and Kendall went in to the room of his sleeping mother and hit with a claw hammer 30 times and ultimately killed, and then hide her body under some debris Read More >


Since the Kinect motion sensing system from Microsoft has appeared in the market people have come up with all sorts of creative uses including playing Street Fighter 4 on the PC! Now it seems that surgeons at the Bimolecular Imaging at Wake Forest University School of Medicine are using the Kinect for manipulating the 3D CT scan images in the mid air with their body actions without the need to use a physical mouse. Actually they are merging a set of 2D CT scan images using a software by TeraRecon, Inc. to create a 3D visualization on the screen that Read More >


  Fans of BioWare’s critically acclaimed Dragon Age series will be pleased to know that a live action web series based on the game is on its way later this year. Actress Felicia Day of ‘The Guild’ fame, will be playing the lead role in the series of an elven assassin named as ‘Tallis’. The series, known as Dragon Age Redemption, will be set in the fantasy world of Ferelden where Tallis goes on a mission to capture a rogue magician. Day will not only have a lead role in the series, but has also worked as a creator in Read More >


So lets say, if we burned all of the data created by humans on CD’s and stack them on top of each other, how high will be tower rise. Dr. Martin Hilbert and his colleagues at the University of Southern California tried to answer this question with help from scientists in Chile. Naturally, the more relevant question would actually be: What is the size of all the human knowledge. Quite a daunting task we say. The researchers tried to answer this question by examining about a thousand different sources which tried to estimate our combined potential data storage. And what Read More >


For people who are missing Paul the Psychic Octopus, there is now another way of predicting the winner of major sports events. Based on internet chatter, social media analysis firm, Infegy has predicted Green Bay Packers to be the winners of tonight’s game. Their application, Social Radar, collects data from millions of sites around the world including blogs, forum posts, news sites and so on. For people who find it hard to believe, it is worthy to note that discussions over the internet have correctly predicted winners of the Super Bowl for the last four years. According to the site, Read More >

You might have seen great science fiction movies in the past including The Matrix, Inception, Alien or forever green Terminator 2 BUT nothing will prepare you for this master piece from the Indian Cinema. Actually this movie called Robot is a Tamil movie. According to some reader on the Gizmodo it is indeed the most expensive Indian movie ever made! It really needs to be seen to believe! So have a look:

One Hyde Park

According to Gizmodo world’s most expensive apartments has officially finished. Name of the apartment complex is One Hyde Park. According to the video some people have paid up to 226 million USD for these apartments. That equates to 9,500 USD per square foot!! They are situated in the heart of the London close the beautiful Hyde Park. Most of the owners are Russian, Chinese and Arab people with big fortune. This amazing apartment complex is actually made up of 4 glass and metal building that are connected to each other supporting apartments with huge windows to view the fantastic outdoor Read More >

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