As we have seen a rapid increase in the use of iPhone camera by it’s users to take photos and even capture some quick video clips, on some special occasion, or just when going outside for a fun party etc. In that sense, iPhone camera has replaced the traditional point & shoot cameras that people used to carry around. There are mainly two reasons for this trend. First iPhone is lightweight and easier carry around than most other dedicated point&shoot cameras (and of course it is a smartphone also!). While the second reason I think is that the recent iPhone Read More >


A few days back we reported that Hard Cops: Uprising is available in the Xbox Live Arcade. It is basically a true run-and-gun game featuring two modes: Rising and Arcade. Rising mode features health bars and purchasable upgrades. Arcade is a mode for hardcore fans which removes these two thing. The game is developed by Arc System Works and published by Konami. Many of you might remember the Contra series from childhood days! According to the GameTrailers review this is faithful return of the franchise, comes with some cheesy sprites and animations, action seems to be pretty fast and according Read More >

Game Booster 2

Game Booster is one of the popular shareware tools by the IObit software, that allows to play games on your Windows PC with the maximum possible speed by making a more efficient and optimized use of the resources. Basically software tweaks the use of the system resources such as CPU utilization and system memory. This is done by disabling many of the Windows services and processes that are not important when playing games which helps to reduce the CPU cycle usage by the background services, and also reduce the memory consumption. Most of these tweaks may bring performance improvement that Read More >

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