Google Chromcast has been recently introduced by Google a small inexpensive device which plugs directly in to any free HDMI port on your home TV transforming any old TV to a smart TV allowing video streaming contents to be directly put to the large screen from a android or iOS tablet or simply a PC. Chromcast in many ways is direct response to the Airplay feature on iOS devices which has been available for quite some time now. But of course the drawback is that Airplay feature is tied to Apple ecosystem and also the Apple TV that is required Read More >


Camera ICS is an interesting and very useful application available on Google Play that you can get for free. A paid version named Camera ICS+ is also available that is Ad free but I guess free version should serve the purpose for most people. Apparently this app is basically a direct rip of the AOSP version of the camera app from the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So it supports all the interesting features that are available in the AOSP Android 4.0.3 flavor. It also means that this is most useful for the devices which don’t have stock ICS camera app Read More >

iOS Torrent Download 2

There are already a number of ways that a user can monitor the torrent download on his or her PC from a mobile device. But what if you want to download the torrents on your smartphone? – in particular on an iOS platform such as iPhone! There are some choices that we mentioned in the past for jailbroken phones to do but iTransmission seems to be the best option yet. iTransmission of course requires a jailbroken iDevice and you can actually download the latest IPA file form the Google Repository on official homepage. I am not sure that if its Read More >

Windows 8

Windows 8 is expected to be pack full of new innovative features that is sure to leave all spell bound. The renowned OS brand has already released an early version of Windows 8 on a prototype tablet, and the Developer Preview can be downloaded by any person. This sneak peak of the OS that is still in developmental stage is available for download in 3 versions: a 64-bit version and a 32-bit version with only the OS, and a 64-bit version that includes developer tools. Windows 8 includes a set of many visual as well as underlying changes as compared Read More >


By now most of you already know about the latest version of the Android mobile OS by Google which is Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes loaded on the new Google branded Galaxy Nexus and is in fact one of the key selling point of this device. Now since the source code for the ICS has already been released so manufacturers are hard at work to port it to at least their latest devices. Although, as we reported in an article published today that despite active development don’t expect to witness official update before the first quarter of 2012. Although unofficial Read More >


In the recent builds Flash, we have witnessed a notable performance improvement in particular related to the hardware acceleration. But despite these performance improvements flash performance can be quite taxing for the older hardware. These older PCs usually struggle to play many flash games, applications built in flash and even many flash heavy sites cause trouble when loaded on low end systems. There is really not much we can do expect to upgrade the hardware i.e. processor, RAM or the entire PC. However, if you are using the Firefox to play the flash games/apps or browsing the flash heavy websites Read More >


Mozilla has recently released the Firefox 8.0 final version and the number of changes as compared to the previous version are minimal at best. One of highly demanded features that Firefox users have been asking for a long time is the official support for 64-bit builds of the Firefox. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it yet – not even with the recent release of the Firefox 8.0. Firefox 9.0 is not expected to get this 64-bit support either. It seems from some reports that Firefox 10 might be the release when Mozilla will finally add the support for 64-bit builds. Situation Read More >


With the passage of time, we can observe that finally Android games market is getting much better as more and more games new and some of the games from iOS are being ported to the Android Market. Burn the Rope is one such good game with a simple concept but very addictive in gameplay. Now its successor Burn the Rope Worlds is available, and the best thing is you can get it for free as it’s ad supported. Just like the gameplay style pretty similar. There are 100 brand new levels in the Burn the Rope Worlds,  four different themed Read More >


Sony and Microsoft are set to lock horns once more with PlayStation 4 and Xbox respectively, in 2012. Sony’s PlayStation series have always recorded off the charts sales, and Microsoft’s retaliation in the form of Xbox failed to create any setback in the sales of PSs across the world. The latest version of PS, the uber popular PS 3 is reported to have sold more than 50 million units worldwide, since its entry into the global market in November 2006, as of March 2011. PS 4 is expected to be a stepped up version of PS 3 and most of Read More >


Windows, to the average citizen of the globe, is the synonym for “operating system”. Windows had, since its debut in 1984, established itself as a trend setter in the technological field. Widows Vista that was released towards the closing of 2006 remains to be the only OS that failed to perform laudable, and Windows 7 (which is often dubbed as an upgraded version of Windows Vista) salvaged the brand. Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard had offered stiff competition to Windows 7, and the former has been recorded to have received a better response. However, Windows is not one to Read More >

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